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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 50



Episode 50

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“wisdom stop!!!!……..”.i heard the voice echoed Into my ear and I saw Isabella walking into the class with her blue eyes which signify fury.i moved my gaze from her to tochukwu who was pleading on the floor waving his hand like a kid who is at the mercy of an angry ghost,maybe am really a ghost now cos my anger at that instant would have kill someone which could still be if I don’t leave that place and with that mindset I dashed out paying deaf ear to Isabella call as she run after me calling my name which I refuse to answer cos my anger succeeded in filling my heart with darkness.
“take me home now”.i shouted at my driver assigned to Me by Isabella’s dad.
“but sir!,the…”.
“I said take me home now!!”.i shouted again as I saw Isabella catching up with me and I quickly opened the front door,dived into it and the driver started the car leaving the environment in speed while I stare at the front in rage with my memory shut down due to my anger.i don’t know why am running from Isabella, I sincerely don’t know am Angry with everything around me how could he said all my effort to ensure we win our various matches is their sweat,he said am taking their glory they will play I will take the glory, how could he?, all my effort,my pains,sweat and dedication in the field he called it their glory.he insulted my mom,how could he?.there is no scale on earth that can be use to mention my anger at that instant,am been insulted for my own sweat and he called me a gold digger digging into Isabella’s dad wealth, how could he say all that to me,taking all my silence and jovial character for granted my own sweat!,he insulted me calling me Ill names for my own sweat.
I dashed into my room the minute I step down from the car and to the glory of God my mom was not around.i knew she is close by but it is good as I couldn’t find her in the setting room.i sat on my bed feigning all my anger on my bed hitting it so hard with my punch. Tochukwu took my silence for granted, he insulted me for my own mom later came to my door calling my name and knocking on the door which I refused to answer.yes,that is how angry I could be when my dark side is loosed. One thing I hate most in life is to be insulted for my own sweat,if it is easy to score why didn’t he scored that day upon all the opportunities he got?,tochukwu insulted me and I made up my mind not to participate in the next match against royal comprehensive high school. I don’t care if they loose Which will automatically kick them out of the competition. I don’t care, since I am a gold digger taking their glory then let them do it by themselves,i know I cannot do that if I go to school the next day so I decided to be absent from school too, yes that is what am going to do let them go and take their Glory.
“wisdom,please open up”.i heard Isabella voice pronounced soberly and I check the time and it was past 2pm which practically means the school period is already over.
“open up please,atleast just speak to us”.Vincent pleaded and I lay down on my bed thinking about all that happen without replying them.i heard footstep of a third Party moving toward them just like I thought my mom voice coerced close to the door.
“what happen in school today?”.she asked.
“good afternoon ma”.
“afternoon my son and daughter,what happen to my son in School today?”.
“wisdom fought in school today ma”.Vincent voice replied kinda cracking a little which seem like he never wanted to say it in the First place,well I don’t care though that is their Business as far as I am concerned.
“Hmmmmm, what caused it? “.my mom asked them again after some seconds of silence.
“a boy insulted you in his presence MA, even when he told him to stop the boy persist with the hurtful words.he would have injured the boy if not for my voice that made him dropped the iron he took to wipe on him”.Isabella explained with a less coherent voice.
“is that all?”.my mom asked again.
“I don’t understand ma,were you expecting him to injure someone before?”.Vincent asked and my mom giggled.
“no son, don’t misinterprete my words. I know my son and what he is capable of doing when angry,but I still know that someone insulting me in his presence will not make him refusing to talk to me and even to eat his food”.
“he didn’t talk to you too?”.Vincent asked again.
“that is the way he has locked himself inside since he came back from School”.my mom elucidated.
“Isabella please don’t talk me out of this again,am going to finish what you restricted wisdom from doing to tochukwu tomorrow,i will kill that boy tomorrow”.
“you will do no such thing Vincent,and neither will tochukwu go scot free for this too,i will deal with him myself”.Isabella retorted rebuking Vincent words.
“calm down Isabella,calm down Vincent now I ask again what happen?”.my mom asked with a little pitch of command.
“the boy said wisdom is taking their glory in the governor’s cup, he called him a gold digger taking what does not belong to him”.Isabella explained and my mom exhaled.
“I know something of this nature must have happened,i know my son and I know there is nothing he hate more than been insulted for his hardwork”.
“but mom what can we do now,we need to talk to him”.
“I advise we all let him be for now,this is not his first time of getting pissed off with everyone,behind his jovial character laid a anger which usually destroy things if care is not taking”.my mom explained and I covered my head with a pillow cos their words is turning to noise in my already filled head.
Yes she is very right this was not my first time of getting very angry and the last time it happened i injured the boy that caused it.jovial people have the strongest anger which don’t usually come but when it did it is better to isolate yourself from them than trying to calm them down just like the stammerers who always meant what they say when angry. So if a stammerer said he is gonna kill you when he is angry you better stop whatever you are doing that is pissing him off if you don’t wanna get a short cut to anger is one part of me my mom has always try to stopped but no matter how she try,it never am angry,am angry with everything around me,angry with my bed,my chairs,my school,my friends and even the air I breathe in.
I started cooling down the next day afternoon and yes, your guess is right that is when I decided to open my door when my Mom came knocking again and she walked in with my food in a tray dropping them on the bed and she faced me while guilt surged through me.
“my son”.she called slowly.
“am sorry mom”.i said apologising at the instant.
“am proud of you son and am not angry with you,is not Everyone that will leave that boy the way you did and I Thankgod what I have always tried to do which never worked can now be done by someone else”.she enunciated with so much enthusiasm confusing me with her words.
“I don’t understand your words mom”.
“do you remember the only time I lay my hands on you since you were born ? “.she asked and I nodded in affirmative.
“what was your offence?”.she asked again and my memory flashed back to the past.


Samuel was a bully who derived pleasure in bullying student’s both male and female and I have always been number one on his list not that I can’t beat him if I really wanted to but because I know where I came from,he will knock me when I don’t greet him in the morning or after break can you imagine my own classmate beating me just because I came to School without greeting was a Monday morning and the student’s were on their best as usual with sparkling white School uniform as we were summon out to the field for labour and I was the class prefect incharge of the class list which I was to mark the name of my classmate that work.the ss3 students shared various potion for students that are present as they set to clear the bushy field while I stood cross checking their work and marking names of those that are through,when Samuel came out from his hideout and as usual he commanded me to mark his name a tradition which He has been doing but non of us could question him cos he was the oldest person in our class,no one want to be in his blacklist as he always refer to it cos that will practically mean everyday bully.that day I was really hungry,i didn’t eat the night before and the morning too and you all know the saying of a hungry man is an angry man so when he commanded me to mark his name I did what I never did before,i hissed at him concentrating in other people’s name, a decision I later regretted.
“what did you just do now?”.he asked and I feigned ignorance of his presence.
“wisdom are you now deaf that you can’t even hear?,I said what did you just do now? “.
“what did it seem I did?”.i asked back staring at him with my full gaze while my classmate stare at me like I have gone nut.
“so you can now talk back at me?, Chai god go punish the village witches that give you this mind o”.he said and clapped his hands smiling sheepishly.
“by the way have you greet me today?”.he added.
“why should I greet you when u are my classmate?”.i replied with a boldness which I never knew existed inside me maybe it was the Hunger in me speaking..
“are you mad?,even if we are in the same class do you know you are my junior brother age mate?”.
“if i am your junior brother age mate what then are you doing in my class,why don’t you go and join your mate?”.i replied in outburst and he landed a hot slap on my cheeks which provoked me more and I handed the book and pen to one of my classmate.
“if them born you well slap me again”.i said and he made to repeat it again and I quickly bend my head clearing him off the ground and I quickly jumped on him landing various punches on his face in fury.

_____________BACK TO THE PRESENT_________________________

The thought of the past enveloped on my mind and I stare at my mom who was staring at me waiting for my reply.the principal called my mom when I refused to calm down even when I matchet the boy to the bone on his leg,i still wanted to do mom came and tried to calm me down but was unable to and then she got pissed up and landed a hot slap on my face and I passed out only to wake up in the you see the anger runs in the family and That was when my mom made the no fighting law on me which I have tried to keep since two years ago until yesterday when tochukwu made me to break it.
“yes mom,i remember”.i replied after staring at her for some minute’s.
“I tried to calm you down as your mom but you refused,the reason why you fought with Samuel is not even up to the one that happened yesterday but still at that, you let the boy go at the mere voice of Isabella”.she said and I finally understand were she was driving at Which is really True.
Just then,isabella walk in through the open door standing abruptly with her school bag in her eyes.
“Good afternoon mom”.she greeted.
“Good afternoon my daughter,welcome”.
“thanks mom”.she replied and my mom stood up leaving I and Isabella alone in my room.
“am sorry princess”.i quickly said as Isabella stood staring at me soberly.
“you didn’t pick my calls”.she retorted and I quickly removed my phone from the drawer click on it only to see what shocked the living daylight out of me. There are ninety seven missed calls from Isabella and fourteen from my principal. I stare at the scene of the phone Which is in silence and I quickly knelt down on the floor.
“I am sorry my sunshine,please forgive me”.i added and she quickly dived on Me hugging me tightly as we both cried together.
“please Promise me you won’t be angry like that ever again”.
“I promise”.
“you will always leave anyone that trouble you to me,promise me”.
“I Promise”.i said again and we remained like that kneeling and hugging each other for minutes.
I and Isabella ate together on my bed though she wanted to decline but I forced her to and I clear the plate to the kitchen so I could wash them later then I return back to my room sitting on my bed with her as we both hold a pillow each.
“how is Vincent and why didn’t he came?”.i asked Isabella after some silence seconds and her reaction went sober immediately which I read easily.
“what happened to him?”.
“I don’t know either,they went to play the final round of eight match with royal comprehensive high school”.she said and the guilt of my anger and what it could have cost finally down in me,what if they loose?, the principal will never forgive me.
“did they Winn? “.i asked slowly with fear Praying she should reply positively.
“I don’t know,i did not go”.she replied staring at the floor and I became scared. Maybe they loose which is Why Vincent is Angry with me, he must be angry with me putting the blame on me why did I take such decision?,what will the principal do to me tomorrow?.i know Isabella knows something but she don’t want to tell me,oh God am finished.

___________________THE NEXT DAY_________________________

I and Isabella rode to the school using my Range Rover sport and I find out later that Isabella really knows something which she is hiding from me probably she want me to find out myself cos it was her that brought my mom car the one Vincent used yesterday back home. We enter the School compound and has expected the assembly was fully on and student started cheering my name immediately they sight I and Isabella coming toward the lines and the principal stare at me from the podium he was making announcement on,what is happening?.
“everyone go into your class the assembly is over, wisdom wealth meet me now in my office”.he shouted and head straight to his office followed by the staffs with him.
“this is really serious, what could have happen that will make the principal terminate the Assembly immediately I enter the School compound,why will he summon me to the office without a breathing space?,did they loose the match?, what happen to Vincent?,why the sudden cheering of my name? “.i asked in my mind rhetorically as I and Isabella head to the principal office walking in total silence.
To be continue………..

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Daniel ogbu
Daniel ogbu
1 year ago

More grace. Wisdom and insight.. Am impressed keep it

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