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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 45



Episodes 45

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Prestigious kings academy female sport vest unlike the male and the School uniform is an handless shirt with net forming the hand,The sun rays is seen emanating on her super fair shinning skin like a transparent mirror making her face to look bright like the sun which is the only thing that can challenge the beauty and brightness of Isabella skin, if possible and care is not taking the sun might end up loosing to Isabella in a brightness contest. OK, maybe I have never take my time to narrate how beautiful Isabella is. Have you ever place a mirror in the sun directing it to another mirror so the rays can circulate and transfer to another distance faster in a speed of lightening?, that is how fair Isabella skin look like,by mere looking at her you will have a million reason to kill the writer of the beautiful ones are not yet born,just multiply the beauty of the most beautiful girl you have ever seen by a million that is how beautiful Isabella is and I can bodly say it that if Isabella nominate herself for the miss world contest they will gladly hand the title to her at the nomination stage without any contest, yes that is how super and excellently beautiful she is.isabella said it bluntly that she don’t know how to swim but here she is about to contest with the prestigious queen, did she nominate herself to remove the shame of the saying that non of the ss1 girls was able to challenge lilian knowing fully well that she cannot win?, cos to me no one in the class can defeat lilian. What if she win?, what if she lied to me?, what if Isabella actually lied to me knowing fully well how downcast I will be?,what if she really lied to me what am I going to do?, will I be able to live with the feelings that the personi trusted and bequited my life to has been lieing to me all this while we have been together?.different thought ravaged freely in my mind as I watch Isabella climbing the projector to meet the principal and lilian as all eyes were fully on her and a pin drop silent envelope the whole vecinity for minutes, no screeches of insect, persistent cry of birds flying on the tree and flipping of wings could be heard. Everything seized and stopped working,the only thing that could be heard is the sound of Isabella feet tapping the floor and and the the increased heartbeat of everyone staring at her with a lost expression and open mouth agape.
“oh, my God this girl is super beautiful”.Vincent exclaimed loud enough to our hearings but we all act as if we were oblivious of his word feeding our eyes with Beauty above imagination, greater than the moon,challenging the sun and frightening the emanation of fire rays to the extent that even the female surrounding the spectators seat could not help but feeling attracted to one of their female counterpart.
“I am contesting with lilain james”.Isabella repeated with a vioce that could melt the most harden rock, a voice that can cure insanity,a Voice that can make the whole world to seat idle for a millinium just to hear her sing (ok enough of the voice we will talk more on that later). She stood close to the principal who was later drifted into reality by isabella vioce as lilian could be seen in a surprised expression wondering what isabella could be up to with a countenances filled with undiluted fear.
“OK, challenged accepted let the contest begin”.the principal finally said and Isabella walked down heading for the pool followed steadily by lilian.
The bell jingled instantly the moment they got to the pool and they dived swiftly into the water. I was praying in my mind for Isabella not to loose, even though I knew she will loose but I still had a little faith. I open my eyes widely staring at the pool when the unimaginable happened Isabella is seen moving in a speed of lightening in the Water without any splash signifying anyone swimming unlike lilain whose water are splashing out signifying someone in rush in the water, nothing could be seen which could signify a swim except the presence of Isabella skin which could be seen emanating brightly from the blue water. In a twinkle of an eye when lilain was still seen close to the starting line,Isabella raised her head from the finished line and an outburst of cheering amazingly sounded everywhere including I, adeaze,vincent and anabel who were shouting on the top of our voices and the final bell was sounded which signify a winner and also drifted lilain head from the Water wondering why the bell was sounded but became extremely shocked drifting for air as she saw Isabella seating on the final line. Alright now am angry,isabella really lied to me, Isabella has won the queen of the water moving faster in an extraordinary form but she lied to me.i stood transfixed when the realization of what had happen from the beginning how she lied to me twice started playing on my head drifting me from the present to the past as the present event stopped playing on my head occupied by the past with a Heart filled with hurt.
“I am sorry”.i heard someone whisper in my hear which brought me back to reality only to see what I have always yearn for.putting me in a tight hug is Isabella as my heart beated loudly in an extraordinary manner and people scream and cheered extremely in joy including Vincent who was busy jumping up and down shouting yes,yes and yes continuesly just like the superstar Daniel Brian.she hugged me, Isabella hugged me, I said she hugged me oblivion fully of the whole school present. At that point my memory blacked out, my anger subdue and my happiness increased, someone who has won a multi billion contract joy cannot be compare to my joy that day,i felt like I have achieve all my aim in life, I feel like am on top of the world as I slowly placed my hand famely in her back tightening the hug more so she could feel my heart beat rising with joy just like I could feel hers, she actually hugged me even though I haven’t wash my body in river Mississippi just like she commanded earlier.
“I am sorry for lieing to you”.she added still with the tight hug as non of us was willing to release the other.
“shiiiiii”,don’t say that again”.i retorted.
“don’t say that again please, I should be the One apologizing for getting angry with you,am not permitted to be angry with you”.i added and she giggle.
“thanks handsome”.
“you are welcome princess “.i elucidated and we quickly disengaged the hug smiling sheepishly while Vincent Anabel and adeaze quickly moved swiftly close to us and we All hug our self’s in a unique standard which trigger an applause from the crowd of students.
“I go love o”.Anabel said after we disengaged and we All laugh.
“that is not even my problem now I have request to make and if it is not done am gonna kill my self”.Vincent elucidated and our mind pooped out in shock.
“kill yourself kee? “.i asked staring kingly at him.
“yes and am serious”.
“ok make the request”.Isabella said staring at him with her arm akimbo.
“someone should beg adaeze to hug me please”.he elicudated filled with enthusiasm and we became shocked.
“huh!!,me?? “.adaeze asked pointing at her self.
“yes ofcourse,you and you alone”.Anabel asked and we started laughing so hard. I have noticed Vincent is kinda showing adaeze some green light but it seem the girl is not catching up, I have noticed that but was not so sure now am fully sure Vincent is falling for adaeze.
“adeaze,i don’t want to loose any friend o,please help us and save his lifen a”.i said amidst smile.
“Ada baby, please help him out”.Isabella said drawing adeaze name seductively and the idiot started smiling moving forward to Vincent slowly and they hug themselves. Alright, now this people are going crazy hugging anyhow outside the field where other people are busy staring and cheering at them, well is not their fault I and Isabella initiated it.
“jealous beings, so because Isabella and wisdom hug una must do una own”.Anabel said with a hiss and we busted into a hell of laughter.
The principal summon Isabella and Lilian to the projector for the Final speech and they went there standing before the principal. Lilain eyes could be seen fully red like flames out of the & tears That has dropped out of her eyes,she has actually been crying since when we were busy hugging self but non of us care except ofcourse her goons in her class who went to the principal to beg on her behalf so she will not be rusticated.
“I have a question for you all”.the principal told them and they nodded for a go ahead while Isabella and lilain stood facing them and we sat in the spectators seats watching them.
“lets say for instance lilain James won this contest, will you guys listen to anyone that will beg on the ss1 behalf when you are punishing them? “.the principal asked and they nodded their head negatively in shame.
“that is it,any bet or wish made on this contest cannot be revised,it has never been heard in history and will not happen in my time.i advice the youth listening to me now to be careful with what you pronounce with youŕ mouth, no one his perfect,where you are fighting so hard to get to is another person starting point,dont be over confidence it won’t lead you Anywhere,stop being jealous,jelousy is a very great disease without a cure it kill faster than Hiv,you don’t throw a stone to a market for the fear of injuring your relatives or friend”.he advice us and we applaud with a mind filled with joy,yes he is actually Right, where you are fighting so hard to get to is another person starting point.
“by the power vested on me as the principal of this Great school I hereby pronounced that lilain James as seized to be a Student among us”.he finally declared and shouts of Joy sounded everywhere as people jubilate filled with so much enthusiasm.
“sir please, take the Crown, strip me off all my position but don’t rusticate me”.Lilian begged with tears streaming down her face.
“am sorry Lilian, there is nothing i can do,you have already strip your self off all your positions by yourself. In this contest, made rules cannot be broken, tell you parents to meet me in my office tomorrow”.the principal concluded and lilain ran out in shame and tears heading straight to the class as her goons could be seen running after her.
“As the principal of this School I hereby crown you Isabella okenwa the prestigious queen of this academy”.the principal declared putting the crown on Isabella black beautiful hair and people shouted,scream and make many forms of coherent words which I did not care to hear.we all stood applausing the crown of a new queen and the rustication of Lilian when all of a sudden Isabella pulled the crown from Her head leaving everyone perplexed wondering what she might be up to.
“adeaze chukwu”.Isabella called and adaeze stood up with missed feeling moving toward her.
“am here Bella”.she replied when she was just a little farther from her and we all listen With rapt attention listening to what isabella had to say and she pronounced a statement that got everyone shocked, a statement that swift me off my feet and make some adrenaline of joy to surge through me.
“I Isabella okenwa hereby transfer the crown to you adaeze chukwu as the prestigious queen”.she declared and people shouted again while I, Vincent and anabel sat staring at the scenario like we are dreaming and adeaze cover up her scream with her palm as she stood totally perplexed with shock of joy.
“take the crown,it is yours this is your destiny”.she added admist shout after putting the Crown on adeaze head,if only we knew she was foretolding the future.
To be continue………

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