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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 44



Episodes 44

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I woke up early the next day with a bright smile on my face, did I really sleep in the night?,I don’t think I did cos of the joy and happiness that surge through me. I check my mom bed and I couldn’t find her on it.yes, a bed now we actually bought two big bed on our outing yesterday and so many things.i wanted to stand up and prepare for the sweet day ahead when I heard a coherent sound like a ringing tune under my pillow and I quickly took my phone a Galaxy grand prime which was also bought for me yesterday by Isabella dad and I know without a doubt that Isabella is the one on the line.
“hello sunshine”.i pronounced sharply after swiping to the right green side.
“Good morning handsome”.her sweet voice pronounced at the second end of the line.
“how was your night?”.she added bluntly.
“I don’t know o”.
“you want to start again this early morning?, well just wanna tell you that am on my way to youŕ place already”.
“what!!!”.this early morning?”.
“check your time well,is already past seven”.she elucidated with enthusiasm and I quickly glance at the phone time only to discover that she is absolutely right. It is just my mindset and the may weather condition that drift me to believe that I woke up early whereas reverse is the case.i quickly said some few more words and I terminate the call then I quickly say som prayers and I ran out in haste.
I saw my mom cooking on a gas cooker outside which we bought the day before too and I greeted her warmly which she reciprocated and i dashed to the well to fetch water without Sweeping the floor neither did I wash the plate we used the day before.i didn’t bother to query my mom on why she didn’t wake me up cos I already know what her reply will be as she stare at me smiling sheepishly like she have a clue of what is happening, one thing I will not allow is Isabella seeing me on a towel when she comes so I quickly took my bath,wear my uniform before picking a broom to sweep the compound as my mom was busy laughing at me which I always reciprocated. I finish the sweep and was washing the plates when isabella finally came,i heard her greeting my mom and she directed her to the back where I sat washing the plates and I could hear the sound of her feet tapping the floor.
“jeez,you want to make me late right”.she sounded from my back and I turn to face her with a bright smile emanating from my lips.
“don’t you think our first day together in school should be fun”.i asked her continuing the washing.
“fun by going late to School? “.she asked using the Nigeria old tradition that can never be changed.
“just imagine you and I matching like twins into the assembly ground where everyone will be staring at us wondering what must have happened”.i said and she smiled.
“that will be cool though,ok let me help you with the rinsing of the plates”.she pronounced bending down and my eyes popped out in shocked.
“what???,I mean what did you just say”.
“I said I wanna help you with the rinsing”.she retorted in her foreign accent.
“my friend remove your hand from that place”.i bluntly retorted.
“why? “.
When was the last time you wash something in your house?”.i asked staring at her.
“I have never done that “.she answered in a sincere tune.
“oh,oh, you have never done that in your house but you want to form domestic damsel in my own house, sister remove your hand from that Water”.
“do you really see me like a Sister? “.she asked maintaining a drastic gaze on me.
“your dad said am his son which practically means am your brother and you are my sister “.i said with a serious countenance and I could see her facial expression changing as it seems she is thinking of something.
“Lolz, just kidding you are my friend whom i cherish so much”.i retorted and she smiled a little standing fame.
“is that all?”.she asked bluntly and I stare at her wondering what she meant by that then I continue washing my plates maintaining a casual discussion with her at interval without replying her formal question.
We drove off to school after taking our breakfast of toasted bread and eggs,though Isabella refused to eat but later ate a little after so many plead from me.we bade my mom a sound beautiful day as we rode on the beautiful car ever seen, a pink Lamborghin.everything in the car is fully pink and I started falling deeply in love with Pink colours,pink is just totally magnificent.
The assembly is seen fully on as we matched like twins into the school compound walking and taking a step at a time as people drifted their attention from the prefect conducting the assembly to us saying some incoherent words that I couldn’t hear neither did I care to hear. Few minutes later the principal climb the assembly projected hall for announcement like he had always done almost everyday and we listen attentively in our various lines without uttering a single word.
“Good morning prestigious beautiful and handsome students”.he greeted scrutinising the whole assembly with his gaze.
“Good morning sir”.we replied in echoes voices.
“this is a new week as we all know, a new week of new activities and also a new week for new determination and focus. We have been announcing the governor’s cup since two weeks ago and am glad to tell you all now that the game has started and we are to have our first match tomorrow against almond secondary school”.he elucidated walking to and fro on the projector.
Jeez did I just hear the first game is against my alma mater?,how possible is that,how can I play against a school that offer me hope, Love and greatness?, this 1 million naira will help that school alot cos they need so many facilities but heaven knows they cannot win it even though we all allow them to win us they still will not go forward, they will still fail, sport is not their thing.
“I know that we are all from a well to do family here and the cup is not a problem to us, but that still doesn’t permit us to fail”.the principal said and some cheers could be heard from the lines by students.
“we are the best, other schools should always look up to us and fear us.we dont need the money so we will deposit it to the orphanage home, just play hard, I believe you can do it, we can do when you are out there in the field playing with your opponent don’t think about your self think about those pour kids out there without parents, without motherly love,without food, starving all day,wishing to be like you, crying to have the opportunity to be in your mist, think about them,take them as your priority”.the principal completed what I could best describe as his manifesto, he actually did it well cos I was busy swifting my memory to the past where I use to hawk in ezenite just to help my mom a little I can and also eat atleast once a day, how my mom make me seat on one particular place for hours and she will go out to Hawk on the street and also do some liner jobs just to take care of me when I was still a kid.if I could suffer that great even when I have a parent imagine those kids out there without both parents,living under a guardian who is no way related to them. I made up my mind at that instant to do whatever I can with our combine effort and bring that trophy home for the love of the orphans in the street.
“here are the names of the sixteen student’s selected out to represent the school in the competition”.mr Godfrey the couch sounded climbing the projector with a list in his hand.
“wisdom wealth,tochukwu Desmond, Vincent Matthew Gabriel Johnson…….”.wait did he just say Gabriel Johnson?, does that mean Gabriel is ok now?,if he is ok where then could he be?,I ask rhetorically checking the ss2 line but he was not there and I became perplexed without paying much attentions to the other names. At the end he selected four people from my class including our keeper whom he addressed to be a backup keeper to Gabriel who I have not even set my eyes upon.the urge to ask the principal was so great on me but I drifted it off,if he is fully alright tomorrow shall tell. The principal later announced other things including the final swimming contest which according to him, is to be hold by break and he also accolade us for our good behavior advising us to keep it up then he called on a prefect to round up the assembly.”why wont we be off good behavior when those causing troubles are out of the school”.i retorted in my mind.
A Monday is always occupied and this one is not exceptional, teacher trouped in and out in numbers giving us no breathing space .though I kinda like it alot cos I know Vincent,anabel and adaeze will not waste anytime in bashing questions at us if they are Given the slightest Chance,questions that am not ready to answer yet maybe I will after the contest.
Minutes fly by and hours moved by,the bell for break was finally jingled and students trouped out in numbers for the swimming contest remaining just I and Isabella in the class.i already told Vincent and adaeze that they should be going that we are coming but it seems Isabella is not willing to go.
“don’t you want to go for the contest, adeaze need our presence now more than ever”.i said with enthusiasm and she smiled patting me on my shoulder.
“just go I will be there soon”.she elucidated amidst smile.
“. Are you sure?”.
“trust me I will”.she said and i stood up abruptly and I left the class.
The queen crown could be seen fully placed on the throne along with the robe while Lilian and adaeze stood close to the water,the ten demarcations made with the crystaline glass has been turn to two creating enough space for each contestant and the principal is also seen standing close to them with a mic in his hand.
“today is the final day in our annual prestigious queens contest for this year and as usual Just like we have always done Every year by giving the contestants a chance to choose if they wanted a bet or a wish”.the principal elucidated explaining the basic of the final us.
“adaeze chukwu”.the principal called.
“sir! ”
“a bet or a wish?”.
“non sir”.adaeze replied and I nodded my head giving Her a tombs up from where I sat close to Vincent and anabel.
“lilian James”.the principal called.
“sir! “.
“a bet or a wish?”.
“a bet sir”..she elucidated and people shouted in uproar while I sat wondering what Lilian is gonna bet with adaeze in a restless mind.
“this girl has started again o, I have seen this already I don’t think is gonna end well for adaeze”.Vincent retorted feigning in anger and I stare at anabel whose eyes has already turned red probably pitying her friend and I drifted my gaze back to the principal without saying anything, if only I knew Lilian was not targeting adaeze nor any of my friends but me.
“private bet or a public bet?”.the principal asked after motioning the noise to be stopped.
“public bet sir,and it is going to be announce after the contest”.she said and the principal noded in affirmative declaring the contest open with the jingle of a bell while I sat watching and wondering the kind of bet lilian wanted to declare after the contest end.
Adaeze and Lilian jumped into the water in a flash and they started swimming the long pool more than hundred kilometers long,adaeze is seen trying hard to meet up with Lillian who was already ahead of her as we all lost hope in adeaze winning the contest. She tried so hard and succeeded in gaining the same stand with Lilian and they started swimming very fast trying to overcome the other maintaining the same momentum and static line.the final end could be seen at a leg jump from them and they were still maintaining the same equal stand as we all concluded that the contest is gonna end in a draw when suddenly lilian did something dangerously amazing,she jumped out from the water not minding if she get herself injured and she landed on the final line seating on the line with a wicked smile on her face and echoes of shout could be heard from the crowd signifying the end of the contest and adaeze stood on the water staring at her with a frustrated gaze.
“you Will always be a loser, no one can Challenge me in Water”.Lilian elucidated aloud stepping out from the water and we quickly ran toward the water to bring adaeze out and also to comfort her.
Lilian was declared the winner and the crown was placed on her head as the queen but she slowly removed it placing it back on the throne leaving everyone amazed wondering what she could be up to including the principal and the staff.
“it is not over yet”.she announced and everywhere became silent like a grave yard each one listen attentively to what she had to say including I, Anabel,adaeze and Vincent who are on the ground close to the water.
“I have a bet sir!”.Lilian said and the principal motioned to her to speak.
“two weeks ago five ss1 students were granted independence immune to the ss3 students punishment when they do anything wrong am reopening that challenge,if any ss1 Student defeat me in the Water then that law will continue to hold and I must be rusticated from this school forever but if I win,from now on whatever the ss3 did to the ss1 wil be overlook by the board and the staff of the school”.she announced and the ss3 students shouted in a loud voice calling and cheering her name while other students including the staffs stood motionless without uttering a single word.
“I should have thought about this”anabel shouted aloud in fury
“I know this bitch is up to no good the moment she announced a bet “.Vincent elucidated too in an angry voice and adaeze stood transfixed with tears forming in her eyes while I stood motionless imagining what the ss3 will do to us if such law is passed.i know I and Isabella will be free from such law but what about others, our classmates our friends?.
The staffs and the boards present went on an impromptu meeting at another side of the spectators seats and they finally came back after what seem like forever and the principal took the mic again to state their decision.
“we have look into this bet and have agreed to it”.he announced and the ss3 shouted in happiness making it seem like it was a planned work made and implemented on by them.
“but!”.the principal stated again raising his middle finger up while everyone listen attentively to what he had to say.
“a bet cannot be stopped unlike a wish but it verse power can be neutralised,we will pass such law if you win the contest but remember there will be no blood shared no matter how little the blood will be as the punishment will be very grieved and if possible rusticated”.the principal announced and lilian concured. The principal has lost hope in us just like we have already done to ourselves and I know he actually summon that meeting to reduce our punishment since he cannot stop it,this is the best opportunity to send lilian out of the School just like Mariam so the school will have peace but now the problem is who will contest with Lilian?.
“the bet is on,any one from the ss1 class who is fully determined to save her class should stand up and come out”.the principal Commanded staring at the whole spectators but no girl raised up her hand as everyone is scared of being defeated by Lilian.our only hope now is adeaze with the highest probability of winning which is 68 percent but she has refused to contest, scared of loosing to Lilian twice in just a day.
“at the count down of ten if anyone didn’t nominate to contest then lilian will be crown the winner and the Law passed “.the principal said after waiting for some minutes without seeing anyone summoning the courage to contest while Lilian is seen smiling mischievously on the projector Like a Christmas chicken that escape on the 24th of December at 11:59pm.
……..the principal counted on as we all await him to declare her the winner when something unimaginable happened as he wanted to called the last number.
“I will contest with her”.we heard a sweet and pure vioce montioned which could only belong to one person but I still drifted my gaze to the direction of the voice just like everyother person and I saw Isabella fully on her pink sport vest smiling cheerfully as she walk toward the sport ground leaving everyone totally perplexed with her Beauty as the hot sun rays is seen reflecting on her body like a transparent mirror.
To be continue……………

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