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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 43



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Episodes 43

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The rage I saw in my mom eyes is another side of her entirely that I have never come across before,she is super angry and I became scared at the instant with my legs shivering on the ground as I stood with the plate and drinks in my hands.isabella raised her head up staring at my Mom with an expression filled with miss feelings unable to utter a single word.
“I said go out there and tell your parents to leave my house now”.my mom shouted again and the worst suddenly happened when a loud hit was make at the door, I don’t think it was a knock it seems like someone hit something on it, I stood transfixed staring at Isabella who seem lost with tears gathering on her face and I felt like mom took a cutlass from the floor heading to the door and I quickly dash toward Isabella seating close to her as she open the door quickly which reveal Isabella father, mother and two guards.
“Juliet!!!”.the both exclaimed at the same time with shock in their faces.
“okenwa leave my house”.my mom shouted pointing The cutlass to the Direction of the road.
“Juliet please calm down,is not what you think,please we can explain”.Isabella mom said in a pleading tune.
“keep your filthy explanation for yourself,leave my House now.7 years, after seven good years of agony,shame and rejection in the street you show up in my door saying you can explain?, explain my foot,keep your explanation for your self just leave my house now before I do something we will all regret”.my mom threatening with blazing anger and Isabella parents did something unimaginable That took us totally dumbfounded including the guards.okenwa nkemija and Victoria okenwa kneelt down on the floor slowly pleading,and I know at that instant that there is more to what is happening that the mere eyes could met.i and Isabella stood up together and head straight to where my mom stood feigning anger and we tap her slowly as tears started falling off Her Angry face.
“mom please calm down”.Isabella pleaded referring to my mom.
“please let give them a listening ear before you take any action”.i pleaded too and my mom stare at I and Isabella slowly in an affectionate expression then she smiled wiping The tears of her face as she hold us slowly releasing the cutlass off her hand.
“alright,i will because of this two children but that will not stop the fact that I hate you both, you will leave my house immediately after your explanation”.my mom added and they concured standing up from the ground.
“come inside”.my mom commanded which they did.
“like we have said before, we are sorry for not standing by you when you needed us most”.Isabella dad retorted when they had sat down on the bench while i and Isabella rested our back on the wall and my mom sat on a small chair facing them.
“You did not just leave me when I needed you most, you broke my husband, your Best friend last wish on his death bed, he trusted you, he choosed you he decided to hand the care of his family,his wife and nine years hold son to your care but your failed him after promising him. Where were you when we were throwed out into the street for five years by wealth family?, where were you when we slept under the Bridge, people balcony,stores in the market?.where was you when we have no food to eat begging and starving on the street, hawking things in the street with my nine years old son just to eat for the day?,now you are saying you are sorry, is that what friendship is all about tell me okenwa?”.my mom poured out her heart with tears rushing down from her eyes also with Isabella’s mom.
“we never abandoned you Juliet, it is true that you have pass through a lot we are sorry,you know we were not in the country when wealth was rushed into the hospital”.isabella dad spoke out in a sober vioce.
“yes, and you never cared”.my mom retorted.
“please don’t say that,we cared.we actually took the very next available flight when he called me, when he made me promise to always be there for you and your son”.he said and paused to wipe tears out of his eyes as we stood abrutedly listening to the explanation with tears gathering in our eyes.
“our flight crashed on our way from California to Nigeria it is by God grace that am seating with you today. I and my wife went to coma for months leaving our daughter in the care of a nanny. The First name I mentioned when I woke up was your name, I plead to be fly straight to Nigeria so I could look for you but was deprived from taking that action. Few months later my wife also woke up and we heard straight to Nigeria looking for your everywhere but was unable to find you and the child”.he concluded and my mom open her mouth agape with tears flowing down her eyes and I know at that instant that she is regretting all that she had done.
“I am sorry, I never knew thought you abandoned us,abandoned your friend and his son you always took as yours,always pouring fatherly love upon, am sorry”.my mom said knelling on the floor but was immediately raised up by isabella mom as they cried together.
“I went to your husband House to look for you and I find mazi edema now occupying the house,i ask him of your were about but he was unable to give me a reasonable explanation so I arrested him,drove his family out of the house and I locked it down since four years ago”.he elucidated not listening to my mom plead as we all listen with rapt attention.
“wisdom!”.he called slowly and I went to him dragging my feet on the floor and they both hug me tightly.
“I am sorry,i will never leave you again”.he added and I finally break down in tears.
“thank you so much sir”.i retorted then I called Isabella to join us which she did as her dad and mom hug us so tight crying on us.
“you two are my World,i will never leave you again, I will do everything to put smile on your faces”.he added in a sincere voice.
Few minutes later after the guilty conscience and hatred has died down we sat down together eating our fried meat and the malt happily and laughing sceptically. Isabella dad order his guards to get us more drinks,pepper soups and some yogurt at the eatery close to our house which they did and we celebrate the reunion happily cracking some jokes and laughing so loud like people that had known themselves for long, but ofcourse we actually did.
“oh that reminds me, sir how did you know Isabella is here?”.i asked in a cheerful Voice amidst smile.
“why don’t you ask your friend here what she had been doing to us right from birth and has suddenly changed just because of you?”.he answered with a question and I became curious staring at Isabella who was busy smiling as she use a tooth pick to pick a fried meat into her mouth.
“Isabella!!”.i called.
“what is your dad talking about?”.
“I don’t know”.
“but he said I should ask you”.
“and am saying you should ask him”.
“tell me please”.i pleaded in a sober vioce and she pooped into a huge laughter taking a sip of yoghurt from her tumbler.
“how will I tell you what I don’t know?”.she asked staring immensely at me and I exhaled.
“Lolz, I never knew Isabella can be a talkative Like this”.Isabella mom enunciated and Isabella eyes popped out in shocked and we started laughing.
“mom, am I really a talkative?”.
“don’t mind youŕ mother we love you more as a talkative”.Isabella dad blunted in.
“dad You are calling me a talkative too?”.
“oh sorry, I never knew you are here with us, I was referring to Isabella dike not my own Isabella okenwa”.her dad said and we laugh again.
“someone is trying to change my question here o”.i retorted dragging the last word.
“Isabella has always been silent all her life, I can count the number of words she had spoke to us right from when she was born but all that change when she met you”.he explained and I exhale deeply staring at Isabella with a bright smile on my face.
“why is she like that?, and how come you gave birth to such beauty,she is just super beautiful, too beautiful to be counted as a human”.my mom bashed in staring at Isabella who bend down her head smiling sheepishly.
“you won’t understand”.Isabella mom retorted.
“then make me understand”.
“even though we explain from today to tomorrow you still will not understand”.she replied again.
“hmmmm,ok o”.my mom exhaled deeply putting an abruted stop to the discussion as she stare at Isabella slowly.
“I promise to award any one that can put smile on my daughter face,isabella never had a friend and has never gone out before except School’s so when she said she is going out today and she refused to tell us where,i knew instantly that there is more to it so I tracked the car here. i never knew is gonna be my own son that will do that,any way the promise still stand, from now on everything concerning wisdom is on me”.Isabella dad said and I became so happy,filled with joy. I can’t believe my life is finally gonna take a U turn for good, I won’t have a cause to strive hard anymore.
“thank you so much sir,thank you ,I don’t know how to thank you enough”.
“thank you okenwa, but please I want you to do something for me”.my mom elucidated with a serious expression.
“what is that? “.
” I want you to let mazi edema go”.my mom said and Mr. Okenwa freezed in shock.
“what??? “.he exclaimed.
“yes,please do it for me”.
“I should let someone that drove you and your son out of your matrimonial home and lot away all you and your husband strive to make?”.he asked with a surprise grin.
“yes please,just leave him alone i have forgiven him God will take vengeance for me “.
“OK,since you insist,i will”.he concluded.
We ate in merriment chatting and laughing happily Like A big family, everything just turn around for my good in Just a single day. At times what you thought is not suppose to happen and had strived so hard just to prevent is actually what will turn your life around and release your breakthrough.
“a report came to me that a boy in prestigious kings academy is breaking records and rewriting history in the School,i need to go there tomorrow and award that conqueror cos according to the principal he is all the school need to win the governor’s cup “.Isabella dad enunciated after some minutes of silence and I, my mom and Isabella busted into a huge laughter and they became surprised.
“what happen?, what is funny?”her mom asked staring at us likewise the husband.
“dad,you are seating close to the conqueror and history rewriter”.Isabella elucidated sharply.
“what!!!”.they exclaimed.
“you mean wisdom here is the boy that broke the history of the quiz and football?”.he asked and Isabella nodded in affirmative.
“oh lord,so my son and daughter are conquering a school together,look wisdom from now on always refer to me as dad, I wanna be your father from today henceforth”.i retorted with a grin.
“I will try sir”.
“there is nothing to try there that is not gonna be done”.my mom retorted smiling cheerfully.
“can’t you see the chemistry building up between them which we will soon come to solve the avogadro hypotensis and the molecular formula?.how can you say he should call you dad which practically means they are now siblings?”.she asked amidst smile and they busted into laughter while I and Isabella stare at ourself shyly trying to maintain a eye connection.
“look my son, from now on call him in-law or upcoming in-law”.my mom said bluntly again.
“mom!!!”.i shouted.
“what? “.
“nothing”.i shyly retorted and they started laughing again.
“Juliet will never Change,still the same science guru of yesteryears”.Isabella mom enunciated and her husband concured with a smile and nod.
“OK,now we have done the best get together celebration let’s go out on a shopping to complete our colourful sunday,who is in? “.Isabella dad elicudated.
“me! “.her mom said raising up her hand.
“me!”.my mom hand follows.
“us! “.Isabella shouted raising my hand up and they busted into a loud thud of laughter again.
“crazy children”.Isabella dad exclaimed and we smiled.
To be continue………….

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