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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 40



Episodes 40

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There is a point in life where you have to let go of somethings in your mind not because you wanted to but because you needed to just to focus ahead without anything dragging you to the past. That is what I did that day as I walk majestically like the fully determined boy I am.i got to school late also that day which was a Friday and also the great day for the great match and swimming competition and I match into my class with no one stopping me. The class is seen fully rowdy with girls walking all over in their swimming vest with their name written on the wears while some boys were staring at their body cos the vest reveal all their curves and figures making them Super hot.i went straight to my seat and I sat down close to Isabella who greeted me with a bright smile which I reciprocated smiling cheerfully, she is the only girl in the whole class wearing her school uniform which procure steadily that she really meant what she said about not participating in the contest.
“what are they all preparing for fully dressed with their swimming vest?”.i asked her and she dropped the books staring amazingly at me.
“you are kidding right?”.she asked staring at my gaze directly with out a single blink.
“am serious,i don’t know what is going on the only thing I know is the swimming contest knockout stage will be done today”.
“yes na, they are preparing for the contest”.she replied.
“like seriously,this early morning?,I thought it’s gonna be done by noon”.i exclaimed with a grin.
“dey there na. the contest that is gonna start in 30 minutes from now in order to create more space for the final match”.she explained smiling cheerfully which makes me super surprised. I thought the contest is gonna hold by noon maybe after the match or like a hour before the match, no Wonder there is no teacher in the class even though we were suppose to have calculus that period.
“Hmmmm, 30 minutes from now that is cool though”.i retorted and she stare at me slowly shaking her head then she focus on what she was reading.
“by the way, I thought we warned you not to spoil our God giving street Language again with your California accent?”.i added and all her gaze Focus directly on me again with her mouth open agape and a bright smile on her lips.
“wisdom!!”.she finally called after like forever.
“yes princess”.
“I like you”.
“thank you”.i retorted even though I don’t really know what she really meant by that and the message she was trying to pass across.
“so you really aren’t going to contest in the swimming contest?”.i asked switching to another discussion and she stare at me with a bright smile without answering my question and she continue her reading while my heart Ponder hard trying to fathom what she meant with the smile but I decided to let the sleeping dog Lye peacefully.
seconds Swift to minutes and minutes run in hast to half an hour,just like Isabella said a teacher came to call us out of our Various classes as we walked out to the field heading to the large and wide swimming pools with other girls in other classes.i was walking steadily with Isabella when my name was called from the back follow by Isabella’s and we turned back to see anabel, adaeze and Vincent coming toward us in haste. We only exchange some few greetings that morning as everyone is seen busy with one thing or the other.
“Nawao you guys could not even wait for us”.Vincent said when they met up with us.
“we thought you guys are already at the front,we are walking in haste to actually catch up with you”.i lied and Isabella concurred. Though we didn’t even look for them we just left the class like that walking with our minds fully satisfied and completed together.
“I don’t know if I will even make it pass this knockout stage I feel so nervous”.adeaze retorted with an uneasy voice.
“don’t say that, I believe in you,we believe in you,you can do it”.i retorted encouraging her.
“yes we believe in you adeaze, go and show them how it is done”.Vincent added and she smiled.
“me am just going there to swim o, I know I cannot even make it to the third round when I will be knockout”.anabel elucidated and we all smiled so loud.
“but wait o, aunty Bella why are you not on your vest?”.she added.
“nah, am not contesting I don’t like water”.Isabella said and they exhale deeply together.
“well that practically mean adaeze owns the championship na”.anabel said and we all concured with no one focusing on her pidgin blunder.
The swimming pool is fully designed unlike before with some crystalline glass use in demarcating it into ten parts which means 10 contestant will be running at once. Lillian is seen seating at the front of the School staffs in a throne like chair and a golden Crown on her head also with a robe with the name prestigious queens champion rounded on her body.she is looking extremely beautiful in the attire as other students majorly the boys and some little girls including Isabella sat on the other lanes while the Middle one was reserved for the queen at the front and the school staffs at her back.
The principal mounted on the projector and picked a microphone addressing us on the need for the quiz, it objectives and roles which I listen to attentively and another staff climb up the projector after the principal has came down and he started calling names of girls who are standing below close to the pool and they started forming according to the number of role giving to them and the knockout started in a Swift fast rate.
Anabel name was mentioned on the second batch and she step forward standing at role 4 which was the number given to her and guess what!!, she did not even get to half of the race when a girl from ss2 name Jude sanusi won the batch and she was selected among the next batch while the other nine including Anabel were knockout. Other batch were called including adeaze batch which she won at the end of the first role after calling 47 batch those that took first which were 49 girls were placed on another batch of ten again which adeaze and other 4 girls won and they placed them on the final batch of which to the grace of God and hope of us all adeaze won making it to final which is to hold on Monday of the coming week between adeaze and Lilian again just like the year before, history has finally come to repeat itself, and this time we hope it turns out good.we ran down to congratulate adeaze who was dripping wet but no one cares about that as we all jumped on her happily while Isabella came down slowly and shaked her congratulating her with a smile which I could procure from her expression that it did not get to her mind and I don’t seem to know why and I never asked.I sighted Lilian smiling mischievously on her prestigious queens throne leaving me wondering but I never told anyone as they were busy smiling and accolading adaeze happily.
Few hours later, after Just a teaching which is chemistry,the bell rang which signify the break period and also the time for the match,as expected uncle Victor didn’t wait a single time as he match into the class the same time the chemistry teacher step out and he commanded all of us outside which we obey.
We step out and to our greatest surprise the ss2 were already outside fully lined up waiting for us,it could be just 3 minutes after the bell jingled,i wonder how they get there so fast and I know without being told that we are facing hell that day.
“wisdom!”.someone called from my back as I was walking with Isabella in silence and nervousness and I turn back to see Vincent and matt approaching walking to catch up with us.
“this match is not going to be easy”.Matt cautiously elucidated with a serious expression.
“I already know that but the question am trying so hard to understand is how?”.i replied back and Vincent shaked his head.
“watch match you will not watch rather you will be going on a date every time there is match”.Vincent bashed in and Isabella smiled while my face went pale.
“Vincent you are something else o,say Isabella no Worth The time ni? “.matt retorted smiling sheepishly.
“well that is good though, if it is me I won’t play any match again what is match compare to aunty Isabella?,see guy quit no play again”.Vincent shouted changing his mindset immediately when he saw the angry look on my face and I smiled.
“he cant do that,i won’t allow him to quit cos he is always the man of the match”.Isabella said for the first time.
“you are right though, I hope he will save us from the ss2 goal Keeper”.matt elucidated bluntly.just then we heard the voice of uncle Victor yelling at us that was when we realize they were waiting for us as every other student were already in the field.
“wisdom please make me proud”.Isabella quickly elucidated and I nodded in affirmative running to the field while she walk to the spectators seat.
we started the match with their passing and they started running around while I and Vincent try our best to score a goal which was all to know avail.the player were not that good though but the person in their post who’s name i later find out to be Gabriel Johnson,he is standing at the post like a stumbling block keeping and flying like ‘de gea ‘blocking all our shot without mercy and I knew from that instant the reason why the ss3 loose to them. The first goal was against us as the were overwhelmed with happiness shouting very loud including the spectators and I loose hope completely we are playing so good more than them but our keeper is not that good compare to theirs.the first match ended with them leading with a goal to nothing and we all went to take some glucose and Ofcus some tactics from uncle Victor which I did not care to listen to as I was busy thinking of a way to score in order not to let Isabella down.
Few minutes later we were at the field again fully determined to score by all means, as fate will have it a goal which I could possibly describe as a lucky goal scored by Matt with an head Bolt making the score equal as we played Earnestly like two elephant fighting each not allowing the other to win. The referee signify an extra five minutes with his hand and I became fully provoked, I can’t believe I spend ninety minutes playing without a single goal as I quickly dived at a ball coming to Vincent direction and I took it running and dribbling anyone that came to attack me fully determined to make Isabella proud as echoes of shout were been heard from the students shouting and cheering my name , I dribbled the defenders and they fell down remaining i and the keeper alone.i knew playing it directly can be caught by the keeper so I thought about it and I decided to use an ancient kicking skills that I only use once when I was a kid ‘the diagonal kick’. A decision I later regretted as I played the ball heading to the right side which the keeper tried to follow and it switch diagonally to the left which he dived solemnly to follow again but missed it and he end up hitting his head so hard on the goal Post fainting instantly and the ball enter the post signifying another goal as blood were seen rushing down from the keeper nose and ear laying lifeless on the floor.
To be continue………..

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