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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 39



Episodes 39.

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I couldn’t find my mom when I got home that day,the door is famely locked and there was no goods shaded outside in her kiosk. I raised the stone up and I saw the house key with a piece of paper Under it and I quickly picked the paper up, glance through it and I find out my mom went to the market to get some fresh pepper. I open the door slowly and I stepped in majestically without fear, who will I be scared of in my own house?. immediately I stepped in,a sweet aroma hitted my nose and I smiled brightly my mom has done it again and I quickly pulled my uniform,sat on the table which my food were already arranged on and I started devouring the sweet pounded yam and egusi soup with plenty fish and meat.i tried really hard to swallow a little lump as my cheeks were paining me real hard due to the slaps late uncle Nicholas gave to me.
Today school was fun though even though I recieve a hell of beating.was Isabella really serious when she said I should Kiss her?, no I don’t think so, but I saw a sincere look on her face before she quickly twisted it ashore.what if she really meant it?, that means I have missed a great opportunity,even if she meant it how will I even do it when I don’t even know how it is done,call me naive but that is the truth. Maybe I should have really settle down for Mariam so she could kiss me then I Will know how it is done Lol.vincent gave me five thousand naira from the bet money when we were going home, though I rejected it but he forced me to collect it which I later did. According to him they share the money five thousand each then they decided to remove one thousand each which they add together to make my own share as the brain behind the money.i actually Like my school days now everyday is always fun and above all no uchenna,richard and mariam to disturb me again,yeah uchenna has stopped disturbing me ever since I talk back at him the other day and all his stupid threat are all gone,though I still catch him some times staring at I and Isabella but who cares?. My mom really acted harsh and nice today I thought she is gonna create a scene with Isabella I was extremely surprised when she talk smoothly accolading her beauty.well,that is to my own advantage though I hope it last, I hope she won’t come home and skin Me alive after acting nice in the school.
My mom came back with some bunch of leaves, pepper and tomatoes while I was washing my uniform and some few cloths outside and I quickly rinsed my hands inorder to help her.
“welcome back mum”.i greeted with a bright smile collecting some of the goods from her and she reciprocate the smile for the first time since I told her about Isabella.
“I hope you saw your food?”.she asked .
“I have ate it already self”.i retorted and she smiled again.
“you and food eh”.she said amidst smile and we went inside dropping the Good’s on the table. The thought of her asking me about Isabella grip my mind and fear took over my feet, I stood transfixed staring at her as she arrange the goods on different plastic bowl.
“go and get ready we are going to the hospital”.my mom retorted and my eyes popped out in surprise.
“yes,they need to have a. Check on you cos of the beatings that idiot, oh sorry for that there is need to respect the dead, that uncle gave to you”.she explained with a serious expression.
“but am fine mum,i just need some drugs and I will be perfectly ok”.i said trying to convince her. There is nothing i hate most than the word hospital, I detest those places so much and my mom knows that why will she take me to the hospital just because of a few beating.
“yes I know you are fine but the principal gave us a lot of money to treat you”.
“cant we just use the money for another thing?, just invest it into your business mum”.i retorted and she exhaled.
“is that what you really want? “.she ask and I knodded in affirmative.
“OK!”.she concluded with a smile giving up on the quest of taking me to that dreadful place.i took the money Vincent gave to me and I hand it over to my mom, she collected it and counted it fully amazed with surprises written all over her.
“where did you get this?”.she asked when she had fully counted the money.
“a friend gave it to me when I. Won a bet for them”.
“what kind of bet is that? “.she asked again with an uneasy voice.
“mom relaxe, they bet today for the match we played between ss1 and the jss2, they laid I and the best player of the jss2 as the bet and the highest goal scorer between I and the boy, the supporter will have the whole money”.i explained slowly.
“and you won”.she said with a grin.
“trust me mom, I score 5 goals while the boy score just one”.i elucidated with a bright Smile and she smile too.
“that is good, but don’t you think it is about time you start saving money?.i mean your scholarship will end in two years from now and you will further your education”.she said and i busted into a loud laughter and she became. Surprise.
“what??”.she asked when she could not procure the reason for my laughter.
“saving and investing which is better?”.i asked replying her with a question and she smile when she finally understand what I was trying to say.
“all you should be thinking of now is how to increase your business and I am very sure you are planning to switch to another business already”.i added.
“Hmmmm,you are right son”.she replied.
“if your business is big then I won’t have any problem furthering my education beside we still have a long way to go don’t worry about my study God will bless us more”.i explain further and she smile dragging me into a tight hug with tears forming in her eyes which she tried to hold.
“I love you son,i love you so much”.
“I love you more mom,you are my everything,am nothing without you”.i retorted in Her warm embrace and we cried together. Am very happy for gaining the love of my sweet mom back, it has been days since she place me on a hug last,i yearn for it but never have it now it is all mine. I don’t know what is in her mind, I don’t know what she is thinking about Isabella,i don’t know what she saw that makes her change her mind,i really wish I could know.
“mom”.i called slowly dessengaging myself from her body.
“yes son”.she replied.
“who am I? “.i asked again and she became surprised.
“I don’t understand,you are my son”.she replied bluntly.
“I mean is there any mystery behind my birth?”.
“no!,you were born freely just like every kids.why all this questions?”.she asked turning the table of questions on me.
“I feel there is something in me or out there protecting me, it all started ever since I step my feet on prestigious kings academy. It seems like a guardian or a mysterious me inside me”.i elucidated slowly staring at her gaze.
“I still don’t understand put more light on the dark tunnel”.she replied in a proverb which I understand vehemently.
“mom I almost had an accident last week, it would have claim my life but something prevented it, I stood vibrantly lost in hope with my eyes shut only to open it and find myself far from the accident scene and the car which was running in speed possibly due tomorrow break failure stopped mysteriously which surprised everyone present but no one was able to give a clue to what happened”.i explained and she stare at me with mouth agape.
“and you never tell me!!”.she exclaimed after.
“am sorry Mom I just don’t want you to panic you know I love you so much”.i added and she forced out a smile though I know she was panicking inward.
“is that all?”.she ask and I shaked my head negatively.
“anyone that tried to harm me always meet a bad end either madness or death just like the case today”.i explained further and she smiled patting me on my shoulder.
“son, what is the greatest name of God in the Bible? “.she asked and I became surprised with her question.
“I don’t know mum all God names are great and powerful but I think the greatest should be alpha and omega or Jehovah”.i replied and she smiled.
“you are wrong son, the greatest name in the bible is the name ‘I AM, that I AM.just imagine seeing someone in a lonely place and you ask who he is and he told you bluntly that he is the I AM, that I am, it means he is that God of old,the ancient of days, beginning and the end,the first and the last,the unchangeable God, the same way he is right from the beginning is the same way he will be for everlasting. Now son do you think someone with all this power embounded in one name will allow you to die when he knows you are my world?”.she asked with a very cheerful smile.
“no mum”.i replied.
“ matter what you do and where you are always believe that you are a god,he created you in his image and likeness so if he is a God then you are a Demi god”.she explained further and I nodded in affirmative.
“thanks mom”.
“you are welcome son,now go and continue youŕ washing221;.she added and I left the room with a bright smile on my face.
My mom actually have a good point in what she said but I still think what is happening is kinda mysterious not natural, God cannot make another god (according to my mom) mad because of another god since she said we are all Demi gods but an Elder is always right though.
I hanged all the cloth I washed on the rope tied to the fence and I went inside waiting for the great day ahead, a day where we are to end the prestigious kings football, a day that signify the beginning of the prestigious queens swimming contest and above all a new day that am going to see my everlasting,isabella okenwa again.
To be continue………

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