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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 37



Episodes 37.

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I have always heard of people been punished unjustly but has never been done to me,i never knew a day will come when I will be in mercy for a crime I never committed. Uncle nick never listen to my pleas and explanation,infact it seems like he has always hate me right from the onset but I never knew, how will I know?,am just a normal human like every other kid trying to be determined inorder to make a great leader of tomorrow,how will I know if anyone hate me before or what I did to cause the anger of the person?.students were peeping out of the window to see the scene why others were coming out to watch,we were on free period which became a free ticket for my classmate to rush out, I sighted adaeze,anabel and Vincent running sceptically toward us and I also saw what trigger my tears to fell down like rainfall.right at the extreme corridor of our class Is Isabella resting her back on the wall with her hands folded to her back,saying that she is angry is an understatement as her eyes turned plane blue which cannot be noticed easily if you have not see the blue spot before.i know without consulting a soothsayer that she is angry with me, isabella is disappointed in me, I expect her to understand me, to trust and stand by me but she stood there fully disappointed in me when I needed her most. I felt like running to her, kneeling down and begging her not to believe mariam but how will I do that when uncle nick is turning me into a punching bag at any seconds that passby.
The principal sat down in his office working on a laptops which was on his table when uncle nick dragged me in with profound tears streaming down my eyes also with mariam and he quickly closed the laptop staring at me with shocking expression.
“Good day Sir!”.uncle nick greeted him.
“what is happening here, why are you beating the boy?”.the principal poured out questions on him and my tears multiply.
“sir I caught wisdom trying to rape Mariam, he was beating her like a punching bag just because she refused and was begging to be spare”.
“that is not true sir she was trying…”.
“shut up you fool,you are becoming popular and you decided to be raping your seniors right, a head girl,your head girl”uncle nick interrupted me with a thunderous voice not giving me a room for any explanation.
“I didn’t rape anybody,i swear”.
“wealth shut up and do what you teacher said you should do”.the principal commanded and I became extremely shocked.i thought he will hear me out, I thought he will give me a chance to explain but he rather told me to shut up too without hearing my own side of the story,oh!,what a cruel judgment.
“how can I shut up when am been punished for what i didn’t do?, I was told you were calling me in the laboratory sir!”.i tried to explain further with a loud voice that has lost control.
“I said keep quiet”.the principal shouted and I knew at that moment that am finished,what did I do that make them to hate me this much?.all this while mariam was busy crying her eyes out holding her skirt like she was brutalised serially and fear gripped me down. Vincent,adaeze and Anabel rushed into the office and staring at my cheeks and which as swollen up a bit due to uncle nick slaps and I know at that instant that the news as already travelled wide in the school.
“sir, I begged you to listen to his own view of the story before passing a judgement please sir,i know wisdom he cannot do what he is been accused for”.adaeze pleaded standing close to uncle nick.
“yes he cannot do it,he was with us in the field just now I think there is a mistake somewhere”.Vincent pleaded also on my behalf and for the first time I find hope as the principal listen to them with an expression that I was unable to decipher,i really wish Isabella was among them,i really needed her here, I felt she is the only one that could help me but where could she be?,I expected her to trust and stand by me ,she has failed me.I stood there crying my eyes out pleading for mercy for something I know practically nothing about,something that I don’t even know how it is done.
“what nonsense are you talking,he tried to rape me if not for the interference of uncle nick,if you cant hear clearly cant you see?, take a look at what he did to me,take a clear look at my School uniform”.mariam poured out in anger then she busted into tears again. I took a quick glance at Mariam wears and that was when I discovered that a side of her boobs as torned and her skirt is also torn too revealing her thigh.
“Jesus!!!”.i shouted so loud in the office, her uniform was not torned before,i flashed my memory back and nothing like that happened,her wears were not torned before what could have happen,oh God am finished now the table is fully against me.
“sir,please believe me I never tried this,she set me up,she sent a junior student to…….
“shut up you hooligan,are you calling me a lier? “.Uncle nick interrupted me bluntly.
“no sir,but you ….. “.
“yes you are a lier”.Vincent bashed Into my word.
“you are a f—–g stupid lier,you know the truth,you just want to redrew everything I wonder what Mariam gave to you”.adaeze retorted while uncle nick stood motionless staring at Vincent and adaeze,at then anabel decided to add her own driving everywhere wide.
“didn’t I caught you and Amanda having s-x at the back of the physics laboratory two weeks ago?,am very sure Mariam offer you Hers too cuz she is fully known far and wide for her promiscuity which has turned your head making you to punish a little boy just because of hate, because you knew he will be greater and better than you in future, you want to stop his star from shining right answer me you nicompoo”.Anabel shouted with boiling anger and a wail of shout was Heard outside.i never knew students were hanging around already,they make their Presence known after hearing Anabel outburst.
“sir,please vindicate me, they are lieing he tried to rape me if he did not do it,sir take a look at my uniform and uncle Nick here”.mariam retorted immediately after Anabel completed her word. The principal sat down comfortably staring at all of us without uttering any more word and I became surprised,i on the other hand has lost my Voice all I could do is to cry steadily pleading for an helper to vindicate me out of the accusations,i have begged tirelessly but no one is listening to me.
“sir, you have seen what this little teens are laying against me just to cover up their friend crime,i always know they lack respect from the way they misbehave in class when am taking my subject, sir I cant stand here and let this kids insult me and you are not doing anything about it, I caught wisdom wealth red handed trying to rape Mariam Davis,i was not told by someone I saw them”.
“and I still insist that you are a stupid lier say the truth and let’s shame the devil you idiot”.Vincent shouted again with anger.
“Vincent,anabel and adeaze”.the principal called.
“yes sir! “.they replied.
“where you there when it Happened?”.he asked again.
“no sir but….”.
“no but.leave my office “.the principal interrupted Vincent and he sent them out as they were seen Mumuring incoherently out of the office. Just then Uncle Victor enter the office with a sad expression.
“sir, what is this am hearing about My Student ?”.he asked referring to the principal in anger.
“your Student tried to rape his head girl and was…..”.
“shut up Nick I was not referring to you”.Uncle Victor interrupted uncle nick harshly and he face the principal again who was relaxing on his chair.
“Victor!”the principal called.
“sir!!”he replied.
“you were not there when it happen so please excuse us I want to discuss with the victims and the witness”.he elucidated bluntly.
“ok sir, but please be fair with your judgement, wealth cannot do this,he is your student and also my student and we know his capabilitie’s ,i believe you already know the truth please judge fairly”.he said and he went out. I was still crying also with mariam who was holding her cheeks like she was slapped making everything seem real, I was the person that recieve countless number of slap but she is the one holding her cheeks just to punish me.uncle nick stood abrutedly close to her while the principal started searching for some files in his drawer and he brought out a file which I recognised to be the one I filled when I and my mum came to the school to clear my scholarship and he started imputing some numbers from it into his mobile phone.
“hello! “.he said placing his phone on his ear.
“am I speaking with Juliet wealth?……”.
“am the principal of prestigious kings academy……”.
“OK please tell her to come to the school now it’s urgent”.he completed his call and hanged Up the call.
My worse fear came surging through me when I noticed who he has called,he is actually calling for my mum that means he find me guilty,am finally dead. My mum don’t have mobile phone so we dropped the Mobile number of uncle John our neighbor who owns a shop close to our house, I believe he was the one the principal called,how will my mom feel when she is inform that am been accused for a rape case?,I know she won’t believe them but she might put the blame on Isabella cos of her unknown clash with her family. What if she believe and she become disappointed in me Just like Isabella did?,
“Oh my God please save your son”.i exclaimed incoherently in my mind and my tears multiply a thousand fold.
My mom rushed into the principal office after a long while of waiting in silence and I bend my head down slowly in shame. She stare at me then to mariam who was still crying so hard and she went straight to the principal table not taking a glance at uncle nick.
“welcome MA, nice meeting you again the second time”.the principal welcomed her with a smile.
“nice seeing you too,please what is my son offence?”.she asked the principal who was smiling so hard and I knew it’s because of my mom awesome beauty.
“ma I caught your son trying to r….. “.
“Nicholas!”.the principal called interrupting uncle nick bashed speech”.
“did she ask you? “.he added.
“no sir”.
“where you the one that called her here?”.
“no sir!”.
“then shut up till I call for you”.
“OK sir!”.the principal concluded and he face my mom who was giving me the “what have you done”look while I bend my head down in shame.
“madam please meet me outside”.he said standing up from his seat taking his laptop along likewise my mom.
“all of you too, meet me at the Assembly”.he added.
“Assembly!!,am finally finished”.i exclaimed in my mind as we all walked out of the office heading to the assembly ground.
The bell for assembly was jingled and students started trouping in haste just to hear my judgement and in less than Two minutes the line were filled up with students.i,my mom,the principal,mariam and uncle nick mounted the announcement panel facing the students,i saw adaeze, Anabel and Vincent who were crying for me and I also see Isabella who stood at the extreme of the female line still with her blue angry eyes and I knew she is still very Angry and dissapointed at me without hearing from me. Being expelled from the school is not my main reason for my tears am scared of never seeing Isabella again, how will I coup without seeing her?,how will I have peace of mind knowing so well that someone I loved with the whole of my heart is angry with me somewhere?”.i thought in my mind with my swollen eyes which were already tired of crying.
“Good afternoon students”.the principal greeted.
“Good afternoon sir”.they reciprocated.
“I believe you all heard what happen few hours ago between the headgirl Mariam Davis and wisdom wealth and I have decided to make my judgement after they explain to all of you here.mariam please tell us what actually happened in the agric laboratory”.the principal retorted And students listened with rapt attention.
“I was walking by the laboratory after the match when he grabbed me inside and Started forcing him self on me, I begged and resisted him pleading with him to stop which he never did rather he landed Series of slap on my face torning my uniform in the process,i had almost giving up hope when we heard the voice of uncle Nick who came to my rescue saving me from this beast.”.she concluded with tears and the whole line went into uproar as some people were against her Insisting that I cannot do such while some believed her insulting and cursing me.
“who did you said attempted to rape you?”.my mum drawned close to mariam and asked her.
“your son MA, he tried to rape me and he torned my cloth in the process”.she explained further showing my mom the torn part and my mom started smiling sheepishly.heading back to where she was standing before without uttering any other word which surprised everyone as she stood abrutedly inorder to hear more about the story.
“Nicholas,please explain your view”.the principal elucidated again and silence returned back to the Assembly.
“my view is not that much but I know what I saw.i was going to my lab when I heard a voice crying and pleading to be spared and I took a quick glance through the window and I saw wisdom pinning Mariam to the wall in a bid to rape her”.
“you said you saw my son pinning this girl to the wall? “.my mum asked uncle nick in a slow but harshed vioce.
“yes MA!,I saw them”.
“wisdom tell us what happen”.my mom commanded.
“mom,i swear they are lieing against me I can never try that mom”.i replied with a cracked vioce and tears started tripping down my eyes again.
“I know son,so tell us the truth “.my mom commanded.
“I was at the field waiting for my friend Vincent after the match when a junior student came to me and told me that that the principal is calling me in the agric laboratory, i….”.
“shhhhhhhhhh, that is enough,do you know the student?”.my mom asked me and I shaked my heard negatively.
“I am the one sir!”.we heard from the jss1 line and the boy walked majestically toward the projector and he stood close to me while students watched the scene in an astonished manner.I could see fear written in uncle nick and Mariam expression.
“who sent you to this boy?”.the principal asked pointing at me
“senior Mariam sent me sir,she told me I should use your name sir,i never knew it was a plot for evil,I don’t think senior wisdom did what he is been accused of”.the boy explained sharply and the principal smiled.
“Thanks boy, you are really a good boy now u can go back to your line”.
“thank you sir!”.the boy replied and he went back to his line.
“now here is my own prove am also a witness”.he said and i Became surprised cos I don’t seem to know what he meant.he placed his laptop on the projector mounted there for announcement.
“all the laboratory and library in this school have camerals mounted on them which are connected to this laptop Incase anyone try to penetrate and steal anything inside which is oblivious to everyone except the board of this school”.he explained and my joy surged through my vain.he power it on,few seconds later a view of two naked people having s-x came into View which he quickly forwarded then he turned it to Face the Student to watch.the voice of two people Who we easily recognised to be uncle nick and mariam came into full view as the students watch shouting in awe while Mariam and uncle Nick started sweating like Christmas goat.from the laptop we understand everything that actually happened, it was a planned work by Mariam and uncle nick for what I did to her at the cafeteria the day before,we also saw how she sent the junior student to call me using the principal name and how she tried to force herself on me.we also saw how uncle Nick was landing trashes of slap on my cheeks which trigger anger in my mom and she pulled out Her ear ring slashing uncle nick cheeks with it and blood started hoozing down his cheeks and he cried out in pain.
“that is for slapping my son for nothing,no one dares slap him not even me whether he is wrong or right”.my mom elucidated in anger and the securities ran to separate her from uncle Nick who was trying to stop the blood and my Mom make more attempt to slash him more.
“now here is my judgement”.the principal retorted when the video has ended.
“Mariam Davis,you planned to ruin the life of a fellow human Like you just because he refused you, sleeping with teachers is what you do everyday even though you are intelligent you lack senses I hereby expelled you from this School, you are no more a student of this great school”.the principal said and an. Uproar of shout envelope the lines. A student ran to the ss3 class and threw mariam school bag out and the principal stripped her head girl badge from her and the securities seized her and bundle Her out of the gate amidst tears As she cried her eyes out not those fake tears before but real ones now. Blood is tripping down Uncle nick face but no-one cares everyone was busy shouting in joy while the securities took my mom away trying to calm her boiling anger down before she will end up killing someone,if only we knew someone will still die that day. I search for Isabella but she was no where to be found in the line anymore and I became shocked cos I couldn’t fathom where she has gone to or where she pass out that she was not notice. Uncle Nick took to his heel at the slightest opportunity he has with blood strolling down on the floor from his cheeks and the securities made to run after him but were stop by the principal who told them to leave him as we watch him ran out of the gate in shame like a mad man,and the line scattered completely in total uproar while I stood with the principal who was trying to calm everyone down but was interrupted by a loud bang outside the school which put a sudden end to the noise and the gateman started running toward the assembly pointing at the direction of the sound.
“James what is that loud bang outside?”.the principal asked The gateman as he approach the line.
“the teacher that ran out Just now has been smashed by a van as he tried to Cross the road”.
“Jesus!!”.we exclaimed running out to the scene including the teachers,principal and my mum”.
We ran out in a Jiffy forcing ourself in numbers through The gate and we saw the most horror scene ever recorded in my life (yes my life,I don’t know about others).laying dead on the floor is uncle nick with his head shattered into pieces.
To be continue………..

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