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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 34



Episodes 34

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The referee blow the whistle and we quickly passed the ball, as fate will have it I was placed in the same striking wing with Vincent,two friends set to make a difference.matt,a boy that was among the selected team for the quiz passed the ball to me and I quickly took it,dribbling the boy that was set to attack me with what they describe as a leg over,(don’t ask me how I learn that o) and he fell down hitting the floor in a crash which procure a sound echo of uproar in the spectators seat .the referee did not blow afterall I didn’t touch him so I started going to the opposition goal.i sighted two defenders at the extreme trying to defend against me so I quickly passed the ball to Vincent who was also following me then I ran pass the defenders and Vincent quickly tip the ball above the two guys who were trying to attack him and I quickly placed a head Bolt to the ball which the keeper try to keep but was unable to as it went straight to the goal post. The shout of a goal took over the whole area and my teammate run, flying and jumping on me with joy and happiness of which the son of a b—h, Vincent was not left out as he kept hitting my head like I am no longer a Human who can be hurt. I don’t blame him though but that will not stop me from breaking his head today when the match is over.
The referee blow is final whistle which signify the end of the match as people started running into the field to congratulate me and Ofcus Vincent and my other team mate.i score to more goals in the match making it 4 to nothing,Vincent really tried a lot in the match cos all goals I score were worked on by him. He is so good in tipping ball above and I am good in giving head Bolt. All the goals were scored with my head Lolz,i have a Super head Right?, well you can say that again. Isabella came forward smiling cheerfully with her ever pink lips that look so tempting driving my remaining stressed up head crazy, I felt like kissing the lips but who am I to try that when I have not took my two hundred year’s bath in Mississippi?. I know she was joking with that word but you know there are some kind of word your crush will say and you will be thinking it over and over even when they make it clear to you that it was a joke you will still be thinking it all over, yeah that is how I felt that day.
“hi super head”.she said amidst smile and my face went pale while the stupid follow with me was already smiling Like a Christmas goat.
“huh!!”.i exclaimed.
“is that the best way to describe my performances there? “I added and she smiled.
“god of football “.she enunciated with a funny grin and I smiled.
“mteew,who dash you?”.she added,go and wash your body and wear your uniform before coming to the Class”she added Walking majestically away.
“both of you,dont enter that class with this your body filled with sweat. “she turned back and retorted referring to i and Vincent and she continue her walk.
“Lolz,i never knew this Girl could be so good and funny,how did you change her wisdom?”.Vincent asked staring at me with an expression filled with confusion and I started smiling too.
“tell me na,please”.he added and I patted him on his shoulder amidst smile.
“you are the eyes and I am the brain so let it remain that way”.i elucidated with a cheerful smile.just then,i saw adaeze and Anabel heading toward us which Vincent also noticed and I hissed aloud walking out of area,though am not angry with Her anymore but I really want her to feel the pain that surge through me when she cried out on me. Forgiveness at time’s shouldn’t be done in a hurry,let the person feel the impact and pain of what he/she did then you can forgive them.i could eavesdrop a little from their discussion.vincent is trying to calm them down and I could hear adaeze sober vioce which seem like she will break down in tears soon, now my plan is perfectly working. Uncle Victor later called for us which make Vincent to leave them at the field heading toward the gathering as we all stood steadily listening to uncle Victor speech and tactics with rapt attention.
“you all try,i must accolade you for that,if we continue like this I can see the ss1 winning this year football competition.but even at that try harder,everyone should do his best and ensure you are selected for the governor’s cup”he enunciated and we all nodded in affirmative while some were Mumuring within themselves.
“wisdom wealth,come forward “.he finally pronounced and I did as commanded and he started staring at me with a cheerful smile which got me Curious. .
“here I am sir! “.i said cos it seems like he has forgotten that he sent for me.
“Ofcus I know you are here,am just surprised at the kind of person you are,you are over talented and I pray you use them well for good”.he retorted with an encouraging smile.
“thank you sir,i will try my best sir”i retorted.
“am glad this school have you here”.he added.he later accolade Vincent and some other boys telling us to get ready for our next match which is between the ss1 and jss2 and we started going our separate ways.
I and Vincent went to The restroom to clean our body just like Isabella commanded,lolz your thought is absolutely correct,i wouldn’t have wash my body if she had not commanded us to.the restroom is located in another building entirely, we discussed about so many unpleasant things as we wash our body which include legs,hands and Face and we wore our uniform on the sport vest. We step out of the building only to find adeaze and Anabel kneeling on the ground at the partway to the restroom and I became extremely shocked (I don’t know about Vincent though).
“please stand up, why will you kneel down for me?”.i shouted with anger visibly seen in my reactions.
“to prove to you that we are really sorry”adaeze retorted provoking me more.
“I said stand up , I am serious”.
“we won’t stand up till you tell is you have forgiven us”.Anabel interrupted me bluntly leaving My word hanging in the air.
“yes wisdom,we won’t unless you declare it now that we are forgiven”.adeaze added and I stare at them on the floor with missed affection. All this while Vincent was resting his shoulder on the wall like what is happening is non of his business,is not his fault though.he tried to talk me of this before but I never listen now I needed him but he is making himself unavailable.
“OK, I have forgiven the both of you but next time,always tell your friends your feelings rather than leaving them in the dark”.i finally blunted out and they all smiles sheepishly including Vincent who came to assist them up from the ground and I know from there that it was actually planned by the trio.
“OK,superhead”.adeaze enunciated with a grin.
“why Is everyone calling me super head?”.i asked smiling steadily.
“because you head is perfectly super”.Anabel retorted opening her albino like teeth with an open teeth which make her very beautiful.
“100 percent “.adeaze started and Anabel rated.
“giving head Bolt”
“100 percent”
“all together 200 percent “.they both enunciated while I and Vincent were busy laughing so hard.
“so what about my own head? “.Vincent retorted and they stare at me for some seconds and they both busted into a huge laugh at the same time clapping there hands together in the process.
“what is funny?”.he added asking the best question ever cos I too,am totally confused unable to place my hand on why they are laughing.
“you call this coconut head? “adeaze retorted pointing at Vincent head.
“empty coconut without water o”.Anabel added and they started laughing again and this time I joined them.if looks can kill,the way Vincent was staring at me I could have been in 6 ft down already,his eyes were threatening blazing storm,fire and brimstone,thank God he cannot fight me lemme laugh small.
We later left that place after discussing more funny plus irrelevant things and we started heading to our class. I saw Lilian and miriam seating under a shady tree discussing though I was the only one that saw them which they noticed trying to call with their hands oblivious to the others and I quickly acted like I was not looking at them. With the look of things,it seems they were close friends,two devils making friends with themselves well they can never see me.
We were on a free period when we got to the class,though I was not expecting a miracle before, the period is suppose to be free which it is. I quickly Went to my seat and sat close to Isabella who was busy resting her head on the desk out of bordom while my friends returned to their seat talking and laughing their a-s out. I knew the reason why they refuse to come to my seat is because of Isabella which I kinda like cos they talk too much.
“I am sorry Bella”.i enunciated and Isabella raised her eyebrow up slowly smiling cheerfully.
“where have you been wisdom “.she pronounced slowly in a slow voice.
“I went to wash my body in river Mississippi for two hundred year’s so I could kiss you”.i elucidated smiling sheepishly which emanated a bright smile on her face too.
“you are not a good lier wisdom.well,am trying to think of something here please don’t interrupt me”.she added still with her cheerful smile.
“I won’t princess,but please don’t think too much”i said trying to be a bit happy.
“I won’t,i Promise”.she added and I smiled.she gave me what she bought for me at the cafeteria which I collected and She later turned her head facing the wall and she continue where she stopped before I came in,though I was not Happy cos I really felt like talking to her at that time but I gat to respect her decision.i took out one of the novel to read inorder to keep myself busy and alive and I started reading while munching the delicious snacks and drink which really helped alot in keeping me busy.
The School became over that day and we all set to go home,isabella,anabel and adeaze walked us to the gate and they enter their various cars,as usual I turned down their offer to help us home with they excuse that I and Vincent wants to walk home and they left while we started doing what we always do even though Vincent was against it but he have no choice anyway,as we walked sceptically home discussing along the for that day is not that bad, rather it was filled with fun coupled with the fact that my friendship with adeaze and Anabel is back together again and this time,isabella is actually part of us and I could vouch we all love it so much.
I got Home That day and I met my mum inside serving my food in the table.the aroma alone can melt a stone as I started salivating on eating them.
“Good afternoon mum”.i greeted cheerfully amidst smile while hugging her from behind.
“good afternoon son”.she reciprocated forming out a smile,i know she is not happy and up till now I still couldn’t fathom why.
“how Was School today?”.she added.
“it was awesome,we had a football match today like I told you before and we won,three goals scored by me”.i enunciated with a happy and cheerful smile and she smiled again.
“just like you father,he was the best in our time”.she reciprocated with a grin and a smile.
I pulled my school uniform and she saw the sport vest and I knew I was in for it or so I thought.
“when did you buy the sport vest? “she asked staring at me with arm akimbo .
“I did not buy them mum,she bought them for me this morning with some soccer for football”.i replied and I brought out the pair of soccer which I dropped on the table and she stare at them kingly.
“the okenwa daughter right? “she finally asked after some minutes of staring at me and the shoe and I nodded in affirmative.
“OK.”.she exclaimed without saying any further word and she went out heading to her kiosk. I was expecting her to scold me,not that she have scold me before,or advise me like she have been doing but she just left like that making me to feel hurt beyond measures.all this started when I told her about Isabella the First time and up till now it has gradually losing my sweet mum slowly,we hardly talk now only a fear errands which she Will send me and other discussions, she is no longer free with me like before and she has refused to tell me why. I have caught her countless time when she is alone thinking so hard and when I confront her she will reply mom has never been like this before,what is eating her up is really hurting her and she doesn’t want to share it, school has been the best place for me this days,my mum no longer threat me like she have been doing before thinking is now her Hobby and I am scared. I need my Sweet Mum back but what can i do?,what has Isabella parents done to her that is hurting her so much?,or is it because of my friendship with isabella?, I need my mom’s love back,what will I do? “.i asked myself rhetorically resting my back on the wall with so many thought ravaging on my mind and tears gathering in my eyes.
To be continue…..

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