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[STORY] ISABELLA (In Love With A Marmaid) Episode 31



Episodes 31.

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The assembly was rounded up by the prefects and we match into our various classes. I can’t help myself from being curious concerning what must have hinder anabel and adaeze from not coming to school as I walk sceptically dragging my feet which were already heavy due to my high rate of thinking. I saw Isabella smiling at me which I reciprocated and Mumuring words could be heard from different corner of the class,but who cares when I have my Isabella.
“good morning sunshine “I greeted amidst smile while seating down close to her.
“Good morning handsome”she replied.
“how was the Weekend”she added.
“boring is an understatement word to describe it”i replied.
“because of me right?”she asked.
“how did you know?, well it is partially but not actually correct”i replied smiling
“you are beautiful”.i added and she smiled.
The noise in the class is so much as everyone were discussing in pairs.
“how do we calm this class down now?”.i asked Isabella who noticed the seriousness in my vioce.
“I will calm them down by asking them to keep quiet Just like I did the other day “she replied and made a move to stand up.
“no, no don’t do that it seems so weird I wonder how you do that at times”i said and she calmed sat down again.
“how about you teaching them a new topic “She asked suggesting another option.
“that is a cool idea, but why me?”.
“because you are the headboy”she replied .
“and you are my assistant and also I have heard the saying that ladies first”i defended and she smiled again.
“yes I know but that will not hold in this particular first”she elucidated with a grin and I smiled.i stood up and I went close to the board picking a marker pen from the hangee which was placed close to the left side of the board while Isabella is busy smiling skeptically at me.
“hello class,please lend me your attentions please “I said and they all Focus there gaze on me wondering what I was about to do.
“am teaching us a new topic today to while away time in anticipation for the free period to be over”i said and Isabella wink at me giving me the courage to continue what I am doing.
I went to the board and I wrote “solving samultaneous equation using matrice”bodly on the board then I face them again cos it seem they were curious to know about it.
“we are all familiar with the three ways of solving an equations which are; elimination, substitution and Ofcus the graph method.matrice is the most simple and most effective way to solve an equation and the answer will be very accurate even without cross checking it,you can also use matrice to check your equation if you are not sure of your answer. “i added and l could see there eagerness to see what I was referring to.
“solve the equation 5x +2y+19 =0;3x + 4y+ 17=0 with any of the three formula and get me the answer”i asked and they all started solving the equation while I stood abrutedly waiting for them.
“x= -3,y =-2” a boy echoed after some minute.
“correct.which formula did you use? ”
“elimination formula”he replied.
“yes the answer is correct,i use substitution and I got it”vincent elucidated and I smiled.
“now let’s use matrice to solve solve an equations with matrice, draw two horizontal line and impute the numbers inside the lines then,balance the equation by turning the coefficient to the answers and impute them into another two horizontal line e. g |5 2| =|_19|
……….. ……………….|3 4|•••|-17|
find your determinant by multiplying the numbers in the first roles diagonally e.g 5 *4 =20,3*4=6.
D. =14
To get your x bring out your coefficient answers and create another role e.g |_19 2|
………………………|_17 4|
Multiply them diagonally Just again -19 * 4= -76
-17 *2 =-34
-76-34 =-42
Divide your answer by the determinant ; -42/14
X= -3.”I concluded the solving for the x and i could see an expression of surprised in their faces.
“but how do we get the answer to y? “Amanda ask looking puzzled.
“it is simple just create another role, use the coefficient answers and the other numbers in the first role together which are 5 and 2 then multiply through and devide the answer with your determinant and you will get the answer to y. Try it out “.i motioned to her and they set to solve it.
“I got it, y= -2” Amanda shouted happily and I stare at Isabella who was busy laughing continuesly brighten up my mood and courage.
“correct,now use that to solve any simultaneous equation of your choices rather than disturbing the class with noise “I added and I made to go back to my seat when a junior student enter the class.
“Good morning seniors, senior wisdom the principal sent me to call you”she added immediately after the greeting which we have not reciprocated and I glare at Isabella who gave me the go ahead with a funny grin and I move out of the class which is a bit calm as they were all busy solving.
I was busy thinking and smiling skeptically about Isabella and my successful plan to make her change which she as done completely,she has become so lovely,beautiful,sweet and caring unlike her formal self which is so good all thanks to my effort.
“eh poor wealth “I heard from my back and I became Surprised it has been really long since I heard that name. I turned back and i saw uchenna moving toward me so I stop my track in other to wait and hear the nonsense he had to say again.
“you are good,i must accolade you for that “he said clapping his hands together and I smiled provoking him more.
“am talking and you are busy smiling?,you collected my girlfriend from me, and you turned the class against me, you also went as far as….. “.
“can you just shut up and let me be!,if you don’t have anything good to say then shut should be ashamed of yourself calling a girl you have never talk to and you are scared to talk your girlfriend”i replied in fury cos his stupid words were already getting fully on my nerves .i became surprised when he started smiling and clapping his hands instead .
“so you now have gut to talk back at me?, that is so nice. And for your information, I am not scared of Isabella am just looking for the right time to ask her out which you spoiled by making friend with her and you’ll pay dearly for that “he threatened.
“are you through?,can I go now? “I asked becoming impatient with his stupid threat.
“oh, yes you can but remember to watch your back from now on, you might have the class and favours from the teacher but that did not make you one of us, you are poor and you will always be poor, you don’t fit in this school so watch your back”he threatened again and he stormed out heading to gods knows where. I stood abrutedly smiling sheepishly to his stupidity with no atom of fear for his threat. Uchenna is a guy who I could easily deal with if I really want to fight coupled with the fact that I have a friend who can take a bullet for me.i can even tell ekenna to finish him up for me if I want to,he is rich but not beyond beating.
I enter the principal office and I saw him arranging some files as usual oblivious of my presence.
“Good day sir!”I greeted and he focus is attention to me with a bright smile on his face when he had noticed my presence.
“good morning boy,seat down. “he motioned and i did.
“you really made me proud that day wealth and I must accolade you for that. I wanted to get you the school shoes before but now I could see you already have so I will give you the money to do whatever you want instead just like I promised”he elucidated with a bright smile.
“thank you so much sir “I retorted with a bright smile .he brought out the money from a drawer and I collected it with a note of appreciation in my face.
“you deserve it boy. I promised you 12 thousand naira but that is 20 thousand naira to accolade you for your excellent deed in the quiz.keep it up boy the sky is not just your limit but your stepping stone”.he said using mama Ekenne word and I smiled remembering the good woman once again.
“thank you so much sir”.i appreciated.
“you are welcome son,you can go know keep it up”he said cheerfully.
“OK sir,thanks once again I really appreciate your kindness towards me and I promise I won’t let you down”i retorted and he smiled. I stood up to leave heading to the door when he called me.
“wisdom!”he called and I turned facing him.
“I hope you are ready for the football competition?”he asked.
“always ready sir”i replied and we both smile.
Class that day is really a tight one as teachers were trouping in out in numbers giving us no breathing space,well they actually did for the earlier free period but I feel that is not enough.few minute later the bell for the break period rang and the teacher called it off for the day and we all exhaled in relieve.vincent later called me and I went to his seat seating down on Anabel side.
“what do you think is wrong with anabel and adaeze? “I asked with a serious countenance.
“I dont know,we cant get a clue on it unless they come to school tomorrow”he replied.
“what if they don’t come to school tomorrow? ”
“they will come”he replied.
“how sure are you? ”
“very sure.the jss1 and 2 are going to play their knockout match today let’s go and watch”he said diverting The question.
“am not going”i replied.
“I want to stay and chat with Isabella”i replied with a grin.
“oh, no more going, I want to stay and join the conversation”he elucidated with a bright smile on his face.
“why? ”
“because after y is z and before y is x.look you need to watch that match so we Will know what we are up against”i said trying to be convincive.
“You made friend with me because of Isabella right?, then you better do what I say or u will never talk to her again”i added smiling sheepishly.
“idiot! “He elucidated and we both smile.
Vincent left for the match and i went back to my seat with a bright smile emanating from my lips as i saw Isabella arranging her bag in her locker.
“stupid friends”she retorted.
“who is that? “.i asked.
“you and Vincent “.she replied and I Became surprise cos I and Vincent actually talk in lowky so how did she know what we were discussing.
“let’s go to the cafeteria”she added drifting me from my thought as we both walk in pair taking a step at a time and drifting attentions to us from the students including the staffs of the school.
We sat down in an empty table with eyes pocking out on us as we maintain a steady smile on our Face’s.
“what will I offer you sunshine?”I asked feigning proud.
“mteew,because of the money the principal gave to you right?, the same money you cant use unless your mom sees it”she said and I became extremely shocked.
“how did you know that? “I asked filled with curiosity.
“waiter!! “she called in beautiful voice without satisfying my curiosity and I stare at her for Minute not knowing what to say.her order where later brought to us which consist of fried rice and chicken lap with holandia yoghurt and we set to devour our delicacy remembering Richard the mad head boy once again. I couldn’t cut the chicken with my knife and fork Like she was doing to hers and she started laughing hard. You don’t have to blame me, am not really brought up with that.
“use your hand then”.she said and i motioned to her about the people close to us.
“mteew”.she hissed and drop her knife using her hand to cut the chicken which I also joined.i refuse to do that before cos i don’t want her to feigned am disgracing her but since she decide we do it then let’s go for it.
We finished our food and we set down drinking the yogurt exchanging some few glances.
“that reminds me, why do you like reading etz sky prince collections? “I asked staring at her.
“cos I love his write-up so much,he is actually my favourite writer for now”she replied.
“I have read some of his stories before like The S. T. A. R (power of the earth element), Future in chaos,clash for the corpse (please bury me), and the seasonal story that he has refused to end The nemesis of Ezra,but it is actually my best though.
“uppzz, I love that story so much,i just wish I could read all the seasons ones,am waiting in anticipation for the season 4 now (battle for survival)”she elucidated with a frustrating grin.
“who is your favourite character in the story? “I asked smiling sheepishly.
“brenda”she replied.
“Brenda!,but why?”
“cos she is beautiful,deadly and she never give up on what she wants,i love the part she killed those guards at the gate by seducing them”.
“yeah she is beautiful but not as beautiful like you”i replied.
“mteew as if you have seen her before .so who is your favorite character too? “she asked.
“ezra”.i replied.
“lolz Just kidding,my favourite character is pelumi”.i elucidated with a grin.
“yeah he is really good but why not sky? “she asked again.
“mteew,that guy is powerful but he is too full of him self joor,his mistake is killing them all.if he had listen to pelumi non of them would have been dead also diamond and Ezra would have been long dead rather than becoming evil”i explain sceptically and she started smiling again.
“is not easy to be a leader,beside no one is above mistakes “she enunciated amidst Smile.
“you are right though.i will love to read against the nation and son of thunder”i said.
“I will give them to you”she replied.
“thanks.but are they interesting Just like the name inscribed? “.
“interesting is an understatement they are wow!”she exclaimed and I became curious,very curious .
“Isabella! “I called slowly and she became surprised why I called her so suddenly.
“yes wisdom”
“I never knew you could be so filled with fun to be with like this,why those character when you are this good? “I asked slowly and she focused her gaze on the floor like she was battling with something in her mind.i so wish I could read her mind.
“I have always been like this,trying to avoid something I succeeded in doing that for years even when I was schooling in the state but all That changed when you came to this School”she explained slowly still focusing her gaze on the floor.
“but why? “I asked again.
“because I am. “she said and she suddenly stopped.
“you are what? “I asked again this time I could feel her uneasiness and pain.
“I am a……..
To be Continue…….

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