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Popcorn time App, And its Features



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Watch any TV show or movie as many times as you want. All you need to get begun with Popcorn time is a right internet connection. Popcorn time is continually searching all over the net for the top torrents from the most famous sites. If the movie is out there, app will find the top version possible and begin watching it right away. Watch your TV show or movie directly on Android Popcorn time in HD with subtitles.

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Main features of Popcorn time app

Amazing catalogue

Popcorn time will provide you a selection of best series or movies once they are out there.

Great movies

Popcorn time which can get the top torrents from the most vital sites will provide best sources of TV and movies series.

No restrictions

You can watch the movies and TV shows whenever you want. What you need to get to use Popcorn time is the online connection.


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Saving time

Users do not need to wait for the downloading for the reason that Popcorn time will play your favorite series and movies for you.

Best standards

Users can enjoy TV shows and movies instantly in HD with subtitles.

Popcorn time interface

Popcorn time app is extremely similar to the windows version. The app takes the .torrent file for the episode or movie that you want to watch and stream it on your gadget. So, it is very best idea to have WiFi link when you use the application. Sometimes, the video file might end up saved on your gadget, so it is the best idea to clean the temporary folder.

Popcorn time interface is intuitive and elegant. On the first display of the application you can fast access any of the new releases accessible to download, and you can access the selection of series or the search tool only by tapping on the screen.

Can popcorn time be used on multiple gadgets?

The reply to this is yes, and you can use it on pretty much anything. It creators are quite young, and they have demonstrated their interest by making PT compatible with tons of gadgets, and also with pretty much all of the programs. Windows users would not have any issue as long as they are using windows 7 or higher. And when it comes to Mac users, they can download the Beta edition and enjoy all the content they want.

How to unblock popcorn time with a proxy?

If you do not want, or cannot use a VPN in order to cover use of the application, you can use forever use a proxy service. There are similar things that link with these 2 technologies, but everyone would agree that the VPN is a far amazing option. They encrypt your content and far more trustworthy when it comes to keeping you secure. Anyway, a proxy really is a next top thing when it comes to unblocking the blocked content.

Proxies act as a stand and intermediary between online connection and your gadget. They work by masking your IP address, which supports when it comes to hiding in the torrent swarms.

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