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MUSIC REVIEW: OluwaYounging Takes Rap To A Even More Wavy Level On “Wave”

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There was a time I didn’t download songs from upcoming artists again. I stopped it, altogether. A couple of reason were attached to it, tho. And the major one is, many are actually overhyped, so I prefer listening to the ones that are raving already. Maybe when I hear they feature some really dope top dawgs or, maybe they are endorsed. Take for instance, the Mode Real – Reminisce scenario. Or, the new Rhymez and Oladips collabo coming. Even if I don’t listen to ’em before. They’ve now raised the bar, and yes, I can actually know aforehand, they’re not on some whack shit.

Weeks ago, by chance, I had hooked up with OluwaYounging and we just talked some stuffs. And then, he was about dropping his single. OK, since I ain’t busy, and I was convinced, I asked him to send the song. TBH, when I got the song, I actually made a cross sign before pressing play.

The sample that came on had held me spellbound, and then the voice on the intro. I’m hearing it for the first time, but I’m loving it already. Then, he started rapping what he said was for the culture. First few lines left me flabbergasted (couldn’t find a bigger word.) It was the delivery that caught me at first, but as I relaxed, felt at home and listened on, the punch lines became obvious.

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What the hell is “I no dey look Uche face but I dey play like Jombo?” or MF lines like “Na my news dem dey read for town mo fun won Punch lines”? What do you call something that is doper than dope? That’s exactly what it is.

Or talk of the technicalities. The way he did “Yorubad boy, awon temi Rambo// Awon temi mo’ ftcking Rambo// Awon temi Eyan Raman Jago// awon temi Escobar, Pablo,” he had ran the bars over, pushing it at a 1.5 bar per breath, going off time, and falling into place. Your average “best rapper” can’t do it!

“Won ni bobo yii o de da mo, won de da mo, I was putting it together like an album,” the bars are just impressive. And, it’s on some wavy level.

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Strong beat, punchlines, oceanic flow and an impressive delivery is what you’ll find on Younging’sWave!” Mehn, I started downloading upcoming artists songs after this. These guys are dope, and are gonn’ blow. Ma kana. OG Level!

Rating: 4.5/5

Review By: Quasar Miami

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