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Life Of A Shy Guy (Episode 21)



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I slept off 15minutes after Sharon left my room, without having dinner. I woke up 5:30am the next day. I quickly prepared for lecture. I made sure I had breakfast before leaving home. I got to class just exactly when our first lecture was about to begin. I located an empty seat at the back and sat down. I stole a glance at Sylvia, to see if she was staring at me, but she wasn’t. her attention seemed to focus on what the lecturer was saying. I made up my mind that moment to approach her immediately after lecture and clear things up. lecture continued and I tried my best too to pay attention to what the lecturer was saying. Immediately lecture ended, Sylvia stood up and left the class before I could even approach her. I stood at a spot, wondering why she’s behaving this way. is she mad at me? I left the class to look for a quiet place where I could sit alone and clear my head of all worries. the faculty garden was the only place I could think of. it is always deserted during school hour. I located a seat at the far-left and sat. Just immediately I settled down, I saw Sylvia walking towards me from a distance. I heaved a sigh of relief immediately I saw. I will use this opportunity to explain myself to her. I need to clear things up. I sat down patiently for her to approach me. she got to me and stretched a book to me without looking at my face. “Sylvia I………” “take this book, it will help you a lot” she cut in immediately. “I wanted to give you this when I came to your place yesterday, but since you were busy, I just had to take it back” she said, still not looking at my face. “Sylvia I…….” “take it now. I have other things to attend to” she cut in again. I collected the book from her, and she walked out on me immediately, without sparing me a glance. I stared at her retreating figure for a while before turning my gaze back to the book she just gave me. ‘ secrets of the age’ was boldly written on the book cover as the title. I stood up two minutes later and left the garden. I left the school immediately after lectures for that day and went home. I took the book Sylvia gave me and busied myself with it. I was marveled by what I discovered, after reading just four pages. I dropped the book and took my phone from my bed. I dialed Sharon number and she picked after the second beep. “hello Christian” she said “hi Sharon, can we suspend today tutorial. I won’t be around this evening” I said “where are you going to?” she asked “I’m actually going to see someone” I responded “okay, no problem” she said “thanks very much. we will continue tomorrow” I said “okay” she responded. I ended the call, took my wallet from my table and left my room immediately. 20 minutes later, I found myself standing at Sylvia’s door. I knock softly on the door and waited patiently for her to open her door. she opened the door a minute later and froze when she saw me. I could see the surprised look on her face. “what are you doing here?” she asked “Sylvia let me explain” I said, not even sure of what I wanted to explain. “Christian I don’t know what you want to explain. you owe me no explanation for your action” she said softly. “Sylvia what you are thinking……….” “Christian” she cut in “stop disturbing yourself. I’m not thinking about anything” “but……..” “Christian” she cut in again “you have a speech to deliver next week. focus your attention on that and stop disturbing yourself over nothing” I seemed not to understand why she was preventing me from saying what I have in mind, but I just had to remain silent since she didn’t want me to speak. “okay, I will take my leave now. thanks for the book. I really appreciate it” I said I waited to see if she would respond but she didn’t. I turned and left her place immediately. I got back home exactly 6:45pm. I lay on my bed and tried to think of a way to make Sylvia listen to what I have to say. I know she’s angry with me. if not, she would have listen to what I have to say. I heard a knock on my door few minutes later. I quickly turned my gaze to the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. I already told Sharon that I won’t be around. so definitely, she won’t be the one at the door. I stood up from my bed and walked to the door. I opened the door to see Sylvia standing at the door. I stared at her open-mouthed. I never expected to see her standing at my door. I left her place not quite long and she was already at my place. I thought she was angry with me. “Sylvia” I managed to call “please come in” she didn’t move an inch from the spot she was standing. she just kept staring at me. I stared back at her, not knowing what to say next. she brought out a book from her handbag and gave to me. “add it to the one I gave you before. it will help you overcome shyness.” she said “thank you very much Sylvia. you are one in a million” I said “make sure you read the book” she said “I will surely read it” I responded “are you busy now?” she asked “no, I’m not busy” I responded quickly. Even if I was busy, I would have suspended everything I was doing just for her. “okay, today is the school praise night. different fellowship in school would gather together to sing in front of a large crowd. I will also be singing in tonight ‘s event. I want you to come and watch me sing.” she said I didn’t allow her to speak further. I rushed into my room, took my wallet from my bed and rushed out to meet her. “let’s go. I’m ready” I said immediately. “thanks” she responded We left my place and headed straight to the school.

To be continue


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