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7 Foods That Put You to Sleep Instantly



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Are you suffering from insomnia? If you are, you’re not alone. This sleeping disorder affects millions of people around the world and has been linked to serious health problems such as obesity, diabetes, stress, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems and more. Not getting enough sleep can become a pretty serious problem after a while, so resolving your insomnia is of crucial importance for your health.

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More than 60% of the American population is suffering from sleeping problems. The problem is usually resolved with the help of sleeping pills, but due to their various and dangerous side-effects, you should try fixing the problem naturally. Luckily, simple lifestyle and diet changes can treat your insomnia. There are many foods rich in nutrients that can resolve the root of the problem and help you sleep like a baby again.

Here are 7 foods that can put you to sleep quickly:

1. Bananas

Bananas are full of potassium which will prevent muscle cramps as well as magnesium which will promote deep sleep and muscle relaxation. Additionally, they contain tryptophan, a neurotransmitter that can fight insomnia and will also regulate your glucose levels. Eat a banana before bedtime (half if you’re a diabetic) in order to fight insomnia.


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2. Salmon

Salmon (the wild-caught type) contains a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, compounds which can reduce your stress and help your body relax. Furthermore, this type of fish is rich in vitamin B6 as well, which can raise your melatonin production and help you sleep better. The protein content of salmon will keep you full overnight and raise your vitamin D levels. If you’re wondering what role vitamin D plays, a recent study found out that people with a high level of vitamin D in their blood have better sleep quality and tend to wake less overnight.

3. Herbal Tea

In the past, people have used various herbal teas in order to improve their sleep. Chamomile tea, for example, can help you relax and improves sleep due to the presence of apigenin, a compound with relaxing effects. Lavender, mint and valerian tea can also help your body relax before sleeping. However, you should avoid drinking black or green tea as they contain a lot of caffeine that can leave you with sleepless nights.

4. Yogurt

Calcium deficiency may cause problems with your sleep, so fixing it can help you sleep better. You can find calcium in milk and other dairy products – a cup of yogurt should be enough to boost your calcium levels and help you sleep well overnight.

5. Cherries

Studies have found that having a glass of cherry juice before sleeping can raise your melatonin levels and help you sleep better. Studies have found that cherry juice improves our sleep quality by regulating the circadian rhythm. Eating a handful of dry or fresh cherries before sleep can also do the same.

6. Whole Grains

Whole grains like bulgur or barley will boost your magnesium levels and can help you if your insomnia is caused by magnesium deficiency.

7. Cocoa

Make a cup of cocoa before going to bed and drink it to boost your magnesium and tryptophan levels, helping you relax and fall asleep easier.

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