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14-Year-Old World’s Fattest Child Loses Weight After Undergoing Surgery (Photos)

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The world’s fattest child, who weighed more than 37 stone (523lbs/237kg) has begun his road to recovery after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Mihir Jain, 14, from Delhi, India, has lost over ten stone since his surgery in April, and is now 27 stone (379lbs/172kg), and able to walk unaided for the first time in years.

Mihir had been an average-sized baby, but thanks to a diet of fried food and fizzy drinks, he ballooned as he grew up, already weighing a whopping 12.5 stone (176lbs/80kg) aged five.

His mother, Puja Jain, 35, said: ‘We first realised he had a problem when he was five and the doctor told us he was obese and needed surgery. But he was too young so he gave him some medicine instead.

‘But that medicine had side-effects, which meant he lost energy and became weak on his legs.

‘As the years passed, he just used to sit in his bed all day, eating. So he kept gaining and gaining more weight.’

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When Mrs Jain and her husband Rajesh, 37, finally went to see a doctor about bariatric surgery in 2013, Mihir was so big he couldn’t walk properly.

Mihir eventually made it to a hospital in December 2017, at which point the 5ft2in tall teenager weighed more than 37 stone (523lbs/237kg), and was suffering with diabetes, breathing issues and high blood pressure.

It is thought this made him the world’s heaviest child, a title previously held by Arya Permana, also 14, from Indonesia, who shed half of body weight after a life-saving gastric sleeve operation.

Mihir was promised a gastric bypass, if he was able to lose some weight first. He was put on a high protein diet for three months, and dropped to 31 stone (434lbs/197kg).

Mihir finally underwent a gastric bypass surgery at the start of April, and has since been eating soups and soft foods, and has swapped fizzy drinks for juice.

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While he still loves playing video games and watching Netflix, Mihir has now begun taking exercise and is looking forward to the day when he is a ‘normal weight’ and can return to school.

Mihir said ‘This was a chance for me. I was excited about what will happen. Things have gone very well so far and for the first time in ages I am looking forward to the future.’

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