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Firstly I have s-x with my aunt and now I have similar desires for my mother. The universe is not so subtly sending me a message. Eventually I get my breath back enough so that I can get dressed and head upstairs. I have just sat down to breakfast when mum comes back downstairs after giving dad his. I notice that she is limping quite badly so I just look at her and raise one eyebrow. “Still stiff and sore from last night,” she said. “I told your dad that I slipped down the stairs so please don’t let onto him what really happened. He’ll just end up blaming himself if he knew the truth. Can you do that for me please Tony?” “Yeah, sure mum. I wont say a thing, but I think I may have a solution. How about if I replace dad until he’s fit again?” “You?” mum said. “Yes, me. Well, you think about it. It suits us both really. AJ doesn’t want to go back to dancing just yet and you don’t have a stand in for dad. So, if we get together at least we can both keep up our skills. Ohh I know that I’m nowhere near as good as dad, but at least I can keep you from falling again, heeheehee!” Mum gives me a playful slap on my arm but I can see her churning the idea over in her mind. Finally she says, “Okay, I think it’s a great idea. We can practice every night after you get home and we can work something else out when you move back to your own place in a few months.” Oh my god, what have a let myself in for? Practice every night! “Mmm, I getting excited,” she chortles, “I must go and tell your father that I have traded him in for a younger, sexier model!” And with that she gives me a kiss on the cheek then bounces off toward the stairs with a final, “Thank you Tony.” Sexier? Does mum think of me as sexy? Nooo, I’m sure that was just a figure of speech. As it turns out, dad was very happy about us dancing together. Apparently he had been feeling really bad about letting mum down after he injured himself, and that had been contributing to his moodiness. So that evening after I arrive home from work, mum and I square dad away for the night then head down to the studio for our first practice. Mum had already changed into a leotard with a bright green modesty skirt and I went into my room and threw on an old pair of elastic waist shorts with a baggy old shirt. When I came back out I noticed mum was trying to do some warm up moves but was still limping. “Mum, are you going to be okay to dance?” I say. “I’m not sure, my bum is still really sore and the top of my left leg feels quite stiff.” “Maybe we had better give it a miss until you are fit again,” I respond. “No, I want to keep trying,” she says, “just give me a bit of time to loosen the muscle up a bit. Can I use your room?” “Of course you can, its your room anyway,” I say. With that mum enters my bedroom closing the door behind her. I start to look through the music selection and after about five minutes mum yells out, “Tony, can you come in here for a sec?”,mum i am coming,on entering my room i saw my mum and Dad dancing together,How did that happen? When did dad entered my room? Are they all deceiving me?

Oh! You really wants to know how it happened and the answer to all this questions? Then i need 100 people to comments “I want to know”….


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