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Aunt Jane and I just looked at each other for a short time before AJ held her hand out to me. Like a little kid in trouble, I slowly made my way to her bedside and took her hand in mine. “Your mum tells me that you and Sharon have broken up, she also said that you have been quite depressed about it.” I looked up from the floor, taking in all of AJ as she lay in a m—d of pillows with a blanket pulled up onto her stomach. She was dressed conservatively in a light blue cotton nightgown. The deep V of the cleavage did little to hide her beautifully freckled milky white b—–s, fully engorged and hard with life giving milk. Her copper coloured hair was not tied up in the usual bun but cascaded in waves onto her shoulders, the fringe framing my Aunt Jane’s beautiful face. As my eyes once again locked onto AJ’s, I heard a small gasp escape from her. “I’ve not been down because of the break up with Sharon, AJ,” I said. “It’s because you didn’t contact me, because you were avoiding me.” I then paused, took a deep breath and said, “I love you Jane.” “I so, so sorry Tony,” she replied. “I didn’t know what to do. There are any number of reasons why what happened between us should never have happened. I am your aunt for god’s sake and you are the son of my brother. I am a married woman and I love my husband, your uncle. I am 37 and you are 21. What we did was wrong.” “I know all of that,” I interrupted, “but I also know of the desire that I feel for you, that I want to be with you… to make love to you…. far outweighs any of those reasons.” “We could never be together Tony, I have a husband and three children that I love, and you are young and have your whole life ahead of you.” I knew then that I was defeated. I could never do anything to hurt AJ, Uncle Barry or the kids. “I am sorry that I didn’t contact you Tony,” AJ continued. “I guess I may have been in shock and disgusted with what I had done. I had committed incest and become an adulteress in one act. I was confused and needed time to think. But as time went by and the more I thought about it, the more I realised that my marriage was still good, the sky had not fallen and the sun still rose every day. Oh don’t worry, I also know that for the rest of my life I will always be an adulteress. I cannot take that back. But I have become comfortable with that. We are the only ones who know and I believe I can trust you not to say anything, can’t I Tony?” “Of course you can Aunt Jane. I promise you that I will never utter a word to anyone.” “Thank you,” AJ responded. “You know, when I was trying to work myself through all of this I also thought about what we did, I thought about you and how you made me feel, how considerate and gentle you were, about how you felt…” “I’m sorry that it wasn’t for very long,” I chipped in with a smirk. “No it wasn’t,” she said, matching my grin. “But that doesn’t matter. The way you made me feel Tony, that’s not something I will ever forget. You made me feel so very special,” but before AJ could finish mum, dad and Uncle Barry where back. “So what have you two been talking about?” Bazza said. “Well,” AJ responded, “I was just telling Tony that when the baby settles down, probably in a few months time, I will be looking to try and get my old figure back. When you walked in I was just about to suggest to him that we take up dancing again.” “That sound like a great idea,” responded Uncle Barry. “What do you think Tony?” I was dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say. I just looked at them both, my mouth agape. Just a few minutes ago I was resigned to never being a part of AJ’s life again, and now, “Umm, Ahh,” I stumbled. “He would love to,” mum answered for me. “Good,” said Uncle Barry, “that’s settled then.” I looked back at Aunty Jane. She mouthed a “thank you” to me then settled back into the comfort of her bed and closed her eyes. Mum and dad decided then that it was time to go so we all said goodbye to Barry then they dropped me home again. At about 8.30pm that evening I received a telephone call from mum, who sounded distraught. She told me that when her and dad got back home they were walking down the stairs to the basement dance studio when dad tripped and fell down. He was taken to hospital in the ambulance and has broken his left leg in three places and has concussion. She said that he was staying in hospital for a few days and had to undergo surgery to have pins and screws put in the leg. Eventually he would be allowed home but would have to undergo therapy but he would not be dancing again for at least twelve months.


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