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Ben Pol ft. Kiss Daniel – Zai [LYRICS]

All Naija Entertainment



[VERSE 1- Ben Pol]

Ugali chemele nawe
Kukunam chele mama
Vou api ajuwa nawe ehh
Weno nani juwa sana
Kuli shaki milia kuki fayan
Susaki ubana
Mungua nakwana eh ihh
Heishima eishima sudi sana
Mina eki wana
Adigu fanala oh ohh


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Zai, oh Zai, Zai, onanio taishei
Zai, oh Zai, Zai, emai kuhu aishei

[Kiss Daniel- VERSE 2]

Kiss, yeah ahh
Vado De Great; ah
Baby dey shook-u shook-u, ah
I dey look-u look-u, oh
I cannot take this no more- move
Obiaru koka jogbe oh
Saru koka koke
Wejepu wejepu wejepu
Wejepu wejepu, oh eh
So long mother have gat me
I’m off to somebody alter
And every time I go out, me, I’m
stuck with Stephanie Koker
Ninio ni asada ah ah
I hope you understand why I dey hala?

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Zai, oh Zai, Zai, [Zai]; onanio taishei
Zai, oh Zai, [oh oh oh ohh]
Zai, emai kuhu aishei

[VERSE 3- Kiss Daniel/Ben Pol]

Eledua! S’anu mi baby
You are a bad girl; me, am a good boy
[Zai Zai Zai we, Zai Zai Zai we]
Eh eh ehh; s’anu mi baby
[Zai Zai Zai we;]
You are a bad girl; me, am a good boy
Zai Zai Zai we; ataki Zai Zai we
Zai Zai Zai we

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