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“Why I Exposed The Lesbian Who Asked Me Out” – Yoruba Actress, Habibat Jinad

The Terrorist!



Some days ago, popular Yoruba actress, Habibat Jinad exclusively shared a chat between her and a hitherto unknown fan, who privately chatted her up to have her nipples sucked, and also involve in other dirty sexual activities with a fellow woman. The actress, according to the chat, quietly told the said lady that she is not a lesbian and the case was buried. This irritating tale began to gain relevance on social media when the actress went further to share the chat on her page. However, GBOLAHAN ADETAYO had a brief chat with the beautiful actress, who revealed to us the truth behind the story. Enjoy it:

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How did you involve in the lesbianism tale?

A fan slides into my Instagram page and sent a direct message, just to express herself to me, and I told her that “I’m not a lesbian”. That was how the whole thing began.

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How did you get to know her?

I don’t know her from Adam; I thought she’s one of my normal fans. I saw her messages on Instagram, she said “hello” and I replied her with “Hi”, which are normal greetings, not knowing that she’s a lesbian and she proceed in asking me out.

Before the message, are you at a loggerhead with anyone?

Not at all. Why should i? And how does that has to do with this?

Don’t you think this maybe a set up for you?

Oh really? I don’t think so and if anyone was behinds this, such person will witness God’s anger.

What do you normally do that would have gotten you attracted to her?

Lolz! I wouldn’t know. Some of my fans do say I am beautiful and that might get her attracted to me. However, I still see it as nothing but rubbish. How can you be hunting your fellow women for sex when you have a lot of hard disks around you? For real, it’s crazy.

Did you make any attempt to reveal her identity or report the case to the law enforcers?

I didn’t reveal her identity. I can’t do that, I just cried out just to inform others not to make any attempt again. I don’t like it at all. I would definitely inform the law enforcement for future purpose.

Would you have done it if she had given you a better offer; I mean a sum of $1million?

Do it for what? I can never do it for anything. This is because Almighty God is against it, and that money is dirty. I would wait for God’s time because it is the best my brother.

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What does the word Lesbianism means to you?

Laugh! Sexual activity between women and it is nonsense.

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