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Reasons You Shouldn’t Marry A Perfectionist

The Terrorist!



Earth is beautiful right? If you ask me, I’d say yes! All thanks to variety. While I may loathe a perfectionist, to some, it’s their oasis in a scorching desert!

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However, have u realized these characteristics of perfectionists??

1. They are too serious:

They do not joke with anything. They have their schedules planned ahead. They give you time for a meeting/date, know you are messed up if you arrive a minute late. It doesn’t matter if it was your boss who kept you longer than needed in the office, neither do they care if the circumstances surrounding your lateness is beyond your control.

2. They are loners:

They are masters at privacy related matters. They don’t welcome visitors because of the sole reason that they’d reconfigure their supposed configured room. They don’t want you to ruffle their properly spread duvet/bedsheet. Friends can go to hell.

3. They are less romantic:

Don’t be surprised if your girlfriend doesn’t wanna kiss you because she doesn’t wanna ruin her lipstick sad
She just did her hair so you can’t make love to her at the moment. They are all shades of brittleness!

4. They are hot tempered:

Did you quickly use his thing and didn’t return it to where it was? You are in for a hot soup!

5. They are usually stingy:

Not only monetarily, they can’t afford to lend friends their stuffs, no they are the only ones who can treat such stuff the right way and they don’t give a damn!
Should I mention the fact that they save new money notes in neat conditions for months; even when they are hungry? No they’d rather starve than spend a beautiful ‘untouch’ ‘aganran’ N500 note.

6. They are less creative:

Checkout the room configuration of a perfectionist today and contrast 10 years after, nothing would have changed. They are fixated on certain positions, other possibilities is DOA!

7. They battle obsession!

A perfectionist friend of mine will return an order in a restaurant if the attendant who served her food put meat on the rice rather than in a different bowl. Wtf??

8. They hardly get wealthy!

You scared? Yes and I mean it. Perfectionists suck at risk taking. Who are they to put up capital for business? They’d rather work under someone with their salary fixed than struggle with the thought of money loss trying to build a business.
Have you a friend who would rather borrow money from you than collect 50k from her N1M balance in the bank to pay her child’s school fees? grin
She doesn’t wanna fall short of being called a millionaire. How sweet?

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