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Chike lay stretched out on the bed in his boxers, scrolling through his Blackberry Passport phone. He opened his numerous emails one after the other. He replied some and deleted the rest. Most of them were junk mails. While he browsed, a new email came in. It was from one of the Universities he applied to for a scholarship. His uncle made sure that he filled several master program application forms before he left the United Kingdom. He had not heard from this particular school since he submitted his application letter and other necessary documents. Others had replied him, except this one. He opened the mail and read it thrice. He was finding it hard to believe the content. He called the toll free number in other to confirm what he had read. The letter stated that his application had been approved and he had been given a full scholarship. He was expected to resume in the first week of June. The unexpected news was too good to be true.

He would have to decline the job offers he had gotten in Jos and Lagos. He needed to prepare to travel back to U.K as soon as possible. He had less than three weeks before the resumption date of the school. He would need to notify his uncle and intimate his parents. They would be so happy for him.

Thoughts of Bukky clouded his mind. She had been so excited when he told her parents to go ahead with the wedding plans. They would have to put the whole thing on hold till he returned. He sat up quickly and glanced at the wall clock. He hoped his fiancée was still awake. He wanted to share the news with her so that they could plan together.


“Hello…” the British accent of the lady on the phone made him smile.


The persistent knocks on the door woke her up. She yawned, stretched out and sat up slowly. Who was at her door? She picked up her phone which was lying at the edge of the bed and checked the time. It was past eleven. She frowned. If it was one of her neighbours, the person should leave her alone and wait for morning to come. What if it was an emergency? She groaned.

“Who is it?”

“My love it is me.”

Her heart missed a beat. She recognized her fiance’s voice. What was he doing at her doorstep? Why didn’t he call her? She hoped he was all right. She jumped down from the bed and rushed to the door. She turned the keys and opened the door.

“Chike…” she seized him up. He was in his boxers and a red short-sleeve tee-shirt.

“Did I wake you?” he stepped into the semi-dark room. The room was illuminated by the light coming from the bathroom.


“Yes,” she shut the door and yawned again.

“Sorry love,” he went to sit on the bed.

She scratched a spot on her elbow and yawned again.

He looked her up and down. She was in a white sleeveless satin knee length night-wear. “Come and sit down,” he patted the space beside him.

She sauntered to his side and sat down.

“I got a mail.”

She blinked and stared at him.

“My master program is starting in June, the first week of June. I was given a full scholarship. I need to leave for U.K latest the end of this month.”

The new information processed on her mind. Her eyes widened in surprise.

“God has done it. Hopefully, by Christmas, next year, I will be done with the program, then we can have a Christmas wedding.”

She swallowed hard. “You are going to leave me again,” her eyes stung with unshed tears.

He reached out for her hands, “Baby no… the program is for a year and half. I will be home before you know it.”

“A year and six months? You will be far away in the U.K.”


“Why can’t we get married and go together?”

He blinked, then smiled, “That would have been wonderful, but, we can’t.”

“Why?” she eyed him.

“Can we prepare for both our traditional and church wedding in just three weeks? What is the possibility that your visa to the U.K will be ready in three weeks? Do you even have an international passport?”

She shook her head.

“We don’t have the time.”

She pulled away from him. Tears slid down her face. It had been a bit difficult for her while he was away in Jos during his service year. She feared that she might go crazy without him for a year and half. How was she supposed to cope? They were supposed to be preparing for their wedding, now, they would need to postpone it.

“My love,” he moved closer, “Don’t cry. This is good news.”

“I know,” she turned to look at him. “Congratulations,” she tried to smile.

“Thank you my baby,” he wiped her wet face with the back of his hand.

“A year and six months is a long time.”

“I know, please, endure and wait for me, please,” he reached out for her hands again.

She sighed heavily and dropped her gaze, “Okay.”

“I will leave my laptop with you. We can Skype on a daily basis.”

She lifted her head, “Skype?”

He chuckled, “I will teach you. We will be able to see each other via webcam, talk and chat daily.”

She sighed again, “Okay.”

“We can also communicate on BBM, Facebook, Twitter, and other social handles, okay?”

She nodded, “Okay.”

“If it is possible, I will try and come home for the Christmas holiday, but, if I can’t, I won’t be home until I complete the program.”

Her eyes glistered with tears. How was she going to cope? They have never been apart for that long before.

“I am going to miss you every single day.”

She burst into tears.

“Baby…” he pulled her into his arms.

She sobbed and trembled against him.


“My love…” his heart ached as she wept. He didn’t want to be away from her either. If it were possible, he would have wanted her to come along.

“I will wait for you,” she whimpered.

“I won’t look at another woman until I come home to you.”

She laughed. “That’s not possible.”

“Okay, fine, I might see them, I might look at them, but, that’s how far it will go. No one can steal me away from you.”

She raised her head to look at him, “What if you meet the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna or Shakira?”

He shrugged, “There is no other woman like you Oluwabukola Folorunsho. No one compares to you. I don’t want to be with anyone but you.”

His words warmed her heart. Her confidence in him multiplied.

“I love you and you alone complete me. There will be no other,” his intense gaze remained on her smiling face.

“I love you too Chike Nwosu. I remain yours this day and forever more. My heart belongs to you and no other. No one can steal me away from you. They can try, but, they will never, ever succeed.”

Her words assured him, “Perfect.”

She sighed again. “I am so going to miss you.”

“Same here,” he drew her closer and kissed her.

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