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Bukky went to the back of the building to switch off the generator. The electric power had just been restored in the area. Many people had been running alternative current for three days straight. It was pathetic that the electric power authourity in the country were acting like dictators. The masses do not get what they paid for and everyone was suffering because the federal government couldn’t even interfere. They were definitely in bed with whoever was in charge of the generation and supply of electricity. On her way back into the house, she met Gbemiga. She had been avoiding him for days. What he said on that faithful day still rang in her head and made her chest tighten in pain. She tried to walk past him, but he stopped her.

“Please, I will like to have a word with you,” his dark eyes were fixed on her averted ones.

“It is late. We will talk tomorrow,” she looked up at the darken sky.

“Bukky please, I am returning to school in a few days.”

She dropped her gaze and met his pleading ones.

“Please,” he begged.

She folded her arms across her chest.

“Please, let’s go over there,” he pointed towards the back of the kitchen.

Without a word, she turned around and walked towards the kitchen. She remembered Chike’s threat. He promised to deal with her boyfriend if he ever tried to force himself on her again.

Gbemiga sighed with relief. He had been looking for an opportunity to speak with her since she stopped picking his calls or replying his messages. He followed her to the back of the kitchen.

“Bukky, I love you. I didn’t mean to speak harshly to you that day. I was just protecting what is mine. I don’t trust that guy, Chike, or any other guy in this area. You don’t know how it feels like being in school, while your girlfriend is at home. The distance is killing me.”

She frowned, “You hurt me.”

“I know and I am sorry. Please forgive me,” he reached out for her hands.

“Chike is a nice guy, he is just a friend,” she tried to convince him.

He dropped her hands, “No guy is just a friend,” his frustrated stare remained on her oval face.

Bukky shrugged. She was tired of explaining herself, “He is just a friend.”

He sensed her unwavering stance. He swallowed hard. It would be difficult to keep her away from her so called friend.

“Okay. Fine. Have it your way.”

She raised an eyebrow, weary of his capitulation.

“Just make sure he remains just a friend,” his warning look drilled into her smiling ones.

“Chike is a good boy. He is not like other guys in the area.”

He wasn’t convinced, “If you say so.”

She took a few steps backwards and leaned against the rough wall, “I cannot believe that the holiday is over.”

He took her by the hand, “I wish it will continue.”

“Do they know that we are going out?” she looked straight at him.

He blinked, “Who?”

“Your parents, siblings.”

He began to shake his head, “Does your aunt know?”

“No,” she turned her head and saw a few fire flies close to the roof of the kitchen.

He sighed with relief.

“When are we going to tell them?” she watched the flies.

He let go of her hand and scratched a spot on his head, “Soon.”

“How soon?” she glanced back at him.

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“I don’t think it is a good time.”

She eyed him, “So, when will the good time be…”

“Why do you want them to know?” he cut in.

She frowned, “Why are we having a secret affair?”

He turned aside. The conversation he had with his parents replayed on his mind. They didn’t want him to associate with the likes of her. How was he supposed to introduce her to them as his girlfriend? He would wait till they have a change of heart, then; he would be able to tell them.

“I am going to tell my aunt. You need to let your family know that we are dating,” she informed him.

His heart missed a beat. “Bukky wait, wait…”

She saw the uncertainty in his eyes. What was he afraid of?

“By August, our relationship will clock a year. I will be nineteen and you will be twenty-one by then. We are not babies,” she stressed the last sentence.

“I know, I know, but…”

“Are you ashamed of me?” she looked directly into his panic stricken eyes.

“No, no! Of course not. I love you,” he assured her.

She breathed out loudly in relief.

“It is just that…” how was he going to explain to her? “My family… they are sought of hyped with the fact that I am now in the university.”

She raised an eyebrow. She wasn’t surprised. She also noticed the way they carried themselves around the neighbourhood.

“They are trying to dictate who I should relate with…”

She narrowed her gaze and folded her arms.

“I will tell them, but, now is not a good time.”

She disagreed with him, “Now is definitely the right time. I need to know what I am getting myself into.”

He placed his hands on her shoulders and drew her closer, “Baby, I promise you, I will let them know.”

“When?” she fixed her eyes on him.

“When I return home for the next vacation.”

She wasn’t pleased with his decision.

“Please, try and hold off on telling your aunt about us,” he pleaded.

“Fine,” she forced the words out of her mouth.

He brightened, “Thank you.”

She turned away from him, “I have to go in.”

He paled. He thought they would stay out there and talk for a while.

“My aunt will be wondering where I went to after putting off the generator.”

He held her by the elbow, “You are not a baby.”

She raised an eyebrow, “It is past ten.”

“Aunty Kike knows that you are a big girl.”

Bukky couldn’t stop the laughter that bubbled through her. Gbemiga noticed the way her pretty dark eyes lit up as she laughed and her dark skin seemed to glow under the moonlight. His steady stare ran down her slim frame, settling on her cleavage which was slightly exposed by the blue short-sleeve v-neck blouse she was putting on. The brown and red print wrapper shaped her curvy sides, giving her an attractive look. He felt like taking her into his arms and caressing every inch of her body. The memories of their kisses intoxicated him like sweet wine. His best ones were on the day he deflowered her. He hoped to experience the moist deepness of her inner core again.

She stopped laughing when she saw the desire in his eyes. She had seen that look before. “I really need to go now.”

“Bukky…” he restrained her movement and pushed her against the wall.

“What are you doing?” her heart beat accelerated.

“I love you…” he leaned forward and kissed her.


She turned her head away, breaking off her lips from his wet ones. She must resist him. She willed her hands to push for freedom, but, she felt weakened with the desires building within her.

“I love you so much…” he planted kisses on her forehead, her cheeks, her jaw, her neck and around her shoulders.

“Pleeeasee… stop,” she struggled with the emotions exploding within her.

He claimed her lips again and kissed her until she responded. His hands slid down her spine, till it settled on her soft, firm, backside. He grabbed and squeezed it, rubbing his hardened groin against her. She trembled against him, wishing he would stop and let her go. She wanted to fight him off, but, her brain was fried and her mind had melted like butter on a hot pan.

Gbemiga tugged at her wrapper until it came loose and fell at her feet. He slipped his hands underneath her blouse and fondled her bare flesh. She jerked and pressed her hands against his chest.

“Stop… don’t…” she tried to push him away.

He held her firmly against the wall and slipped his fingers into her underwear.

“Gbemi!” she panicked.

He turned a deaf ear on her pleas, driven by his own lust, he grouped her.

“Gbemiga…please…” she dug her nails into his shoulders and tried to withstand the intense sexual desire gathering momentum within her.

Taken over by passion, he yanked off her underwear and charged into her like a bull on heat.

Pain and pleasure spread through her like wild fire. She couldn’t shout, she couldn’t cry. It was all her fault. She shouldn’t have allowed him to touch her in the first place. She closed her eyes and waited for it to end.

Gbemiga cried out and pulled out of her quickly. His breath came fast and hard. He staggered backwards and drew the condom off his skin, satisfaction was written all over his face.

Bukky picked up her wrapper, tied it around her waist and fled.


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