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A Nap In The Afternoon, A Good Or Bad Habit For Your Health?

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Do you feel sleepy often in the afternoon? Are you worried that you may gain weight if you sleep in the afternoon?

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Well, afternoon sleeping or sleeping in the afternoon can bring complete refreshment for you. Many people, who can take a short but peaceful sleep, can get reward with “enough benefits.” Whether sleeping in afternoon is good or bad you may gain more productivity, more spirit and a sharp sense by sleeping in afternoon or taking afternoon nap.

Scientific research, which is based on afternoon sleeping, sleeping in afternoon can prove that daytime nap is very much beneficial. There are huge contrast opinions about the topic.

In this article, you may find a clear idea what you need to do and not to do with this matter and also know if sleeping in afternoon is good or bad.

Effect on Your Night Sleeping

Day sleep is bad in one aspect that, it may effect on your nap during the night time. If you take enough amount of nap at afternoon, you will face an insufficient siesta at the night.

Actually, taking a nap during the day time is good for the sleeper, who does not get the necessary amount of sleep at the night time. If you got eight to ten hours of sound siesta, you do not have any necessity of an afternoon nap. Many people say that though they do not have any work to do at the afternoon time, so they take a nap, or they love the coziness of nap, so they fall asleep at the afternoon.

Bad in Some Cases

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If you are a patient of insomnia, or you are in a deep depression, avoid your day nap. For an insomniac, sleeping trouble at night is a major health issue. For the people who are too much depressed and frustrated in life can face the sleeping trouble at night. So do not take too much rest or nap in the afternoon, to avoid the nap inertia problem during the night time.

Types of Afternoon Nap

There are three types of napping in the afternoon, like the

  • Plan Nap: This type of nap is taking as a plan for further awakening.
  • Emergency Nap: This type of power nap has taken by the people, who feel extreme tiredness or in a bad health condition. They have no option without taking a nap.
  • Habitual Napping: People have taken the nap on a regular basis. This is one kind of practice nap for an afternoon. If you feel sleepy after your lunch every day, it is counted as your habitual sleep.

In spite of some bad side effects, it has much more good signs. Here are some positive aspects of sleeping in the afternoon.

Memory Boosting

People, who can take a sound siesta of twenty to thirty minutes at afternoon, have the more sharp memory than the usual people. You can test your memory and vigilance after taking a proper nap. People, who are suffering from sleepiness, can get an immediate boosting of memory after a ten minutes nap.

Blood Pressure Control

Scientific research has proved that nap habit is allied with the coronary mortality reduction of 37 percent, which is caused due to the abridged cardiovascular stress. This cardiovascular stress is related with the daytime nap. Research does not show that where from the benefits come from. It is the reclined position of sleep itself or the anticipation of a snooze. But specialists have concluded the matter with the fact that, an afternoon siesta is very effective to decrease the blood pressure level.


Sleeping is the other name of complete rest, and it is associated with your mind. So if you get a proper nap, your mind can also get a perfect rest, and the process will enhance your power of creative thinking. It will also boost up your cognitive dispensation, clear out your cobwebs and can give you a memory recall.  Peaceful sleep is the key to your success.


Make Your Nerves Calm

A complete 120-minute nap can make you calm and cool. If you feel too much anger, happiness, and fear, you cloud subjected to an extreme nervous breakdown. So keep your nerves calm, go for a rest or afternoon nap. It will give you a perfect relief from the nervous breakdown.

Alertness Improvement

In a brief research, National Sleep foundation has shown that a nap of forty minutes can enhance your 34% of performance and 100% of alertness. If you are in plan to drive a car or rocket, take a refreshing twenty minutes of siesta and avoid the drowsy feelings at the time of driving.

Afternoon sleep disadvantages, In spite of a little bit of disadvantage, afternoon sleeping is full on beneficial. So, try to have at least an hour of nap in the afternoon daily for getting those benefits of afternoon sleep.

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