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9 ways to know if your girlfriend will cheat on you after marriage [Must Read]

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No matter how hard you try to please some ladies, nothing can ever stop them from cheating on you. It will be better if a guy can identify these bad traits as well as how best to deal with such ladies whether to terminate the relationship abruptly or cope with it.
We’ll be opening your eyes with 9 ways to know if your girlfriend possess any habit that will make her cheat on your after marriage.

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1. She becomes your enemy when you are broke

Life is not a bed of roses, therefore, everyday cannot be lived like a Christmas but some ladies don’t even care. All they want is money coming out of your pocket each time they are in need, and failure to do so makes her becomes your enemy.

If a lady starts nagging and threatening to dump you because you didn’t fulfill your monetary promise, just know that there’s probability that she will be cheating on you in marriage in a bid to get that which she desires.

2. She flirts with several guys

A flirt will always be a flirt anytime any day. Don’t ever think marriage can change a lady that flirts except God delivers her from the act.

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Some of them flirt with several guys and will deem it right saying she only flirts with them and doesn’t allow them get under her skirt. A lady with this ideology will no doubt be promiscuous when married.

3. She is not sexually satisfied with you

Just when you’re bleeping a lady and she reading a newspaper or picks her phone and start reading posts on All Naija Entertainment, my dear, just know that you haven’t find wife at all!.. Such a lady is very risky to marry.

4. She accepts ridiculous money and gifts from guys

I don’t know why some ladies have no standard that they can beg for ridiculous things from guys.. This habit only portrays how cheap these categories of ladies are. Even if a dude that marries them is as righteous as Jesus Christ they will still cheat on him.

5. She receives calls every now and then

When you’re with a lady and her phone keeps ringing every 5mins it’s better you have a heart to heart talk with her otherwise, you might end up with a miserable marriage life.. That is the way it will it will continue when married.

6. She is too secretive

When a lady is unnecessarily being secretive with a questionable character, then something is up her sleeves. It will be a big risk to marry such a lady otherwise you may have yourself to blame.

7. Her yansh no dey sit down for one place

Just when a lady is always found everywhere, bro you need to think twice before making that lifetime choice. She no dey use ear hear club house, pepper soup joint, birthday party and the likes.

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8. She’s very happy to have various toasters

Guys, when a lady is very elated and prides herself based on the number of chairmen stalking her, then there’s high tendency for her to cheat in marriage. When issues arise some of them will even be threatening you with break up and that they are only managing you cos they’ve got better guys toasting them.

That’s all we have for you guys! Happy new month! Have a nice day ahead!!!

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