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The Story Of My Life (Episode 40)

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Episode 40

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The sound of those words fell on me like a bomb. My heart became heavy, my limbs grew weak, I felt like dying. I ran up to Matthew and knelt down beside him, crying and pleading. I kept trying to explain that things were not exactly the way they seemed, I was here by accident and I wanted to escape before he came in. I swore on my life that I had nothing to do with Folorunsho. But the underwear in my hand, and my rough appearance made everything I said seem like a lie. Folorunsho simply stood and watched, without corroborating my story. Matthew tore my hands away from himself and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him. I remained on the ground feeling lost and disconnected, I was like a woman in the early stage of madness. I sprawled on the floor weeping. I was yet to count my loss. Folorunsho was busy sipping wine from a glass cup, and paid very little attention to my sobs. “so shall we continue from where we stopped.? ” he asked, trying to hold me up from the floor. “Leave me alone, get out” I screamed, and pushed him away from me. I got up without his help and reached for my bag. I folded my underwear in two and squeezed it into my bag and headed for the door.
“Come back here my friend, where do you think you are going? we are not through” Folorunsho ordered.
“I’m through with you, you just ruined my life” I replied, as I continued towards the door.
“Look here, you can settle your issues with my cousin later, that’s non of my business, just let me enjoy the worth of my money, don’t you know how much your friend charged me?
I stopped in my tracks and turned around, I needed to understand his last sentence, I hoped it was not was I was thinking. “What do you mean? ” I asked with an air of seriousness. “Don’t ask me dirty questions, I paid your friend sixty thousand Naira (#60,000) for this runs, so let me enjoy myself” At that point, reality set in. Sarah had sold me to a man like a cheap prostitute. And I instantly began to feel like one. Regret joined my broken heart, I was deeply grieved.

The Story Of My Life (Complete Episode 1 – 47)

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