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The Story Of My Life (Episode 37)

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Episode 37

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Sarah handed me a piece of paper, it had something wrapped inside it. I unwrapped it slowly, wondering what it was. I poured its content into my palm, and looked at Sarah in amazement.
“What is this?” I asked, facing Sarah with a surprise look on my face “Its a tablet, you should know it, your mum is a nurse” Sarah replied. “So why do I need the tablet?” Am not sick nau.
“It will prevent you from getting pregnant.” As I turned away from Sarah, the repercussion of what I had done began to sink in. I could get pregnant from all the activities of the previous night. In fact my whole life could change. I threw the tablets down my throat and swallowed It. I prayed silently that It worked.
We walked slowly into the classroom, to continue the day’s learning. I had started finding school very boring. I spent most of my time in the classroom secretly chatting with Matthew. It seemed as though he had completely taken over my life. All that I could look forward to was sneaking out to meet him. I wondered if I was still normal considering the kind of home I grew up in, all the lessons I’m being taught in church were never for once applicable in the affairs of my life.
The bell signaling the beginning of the last lecture before break rang. it was time to abscond from school again, Hannah and Sarah clutched to their school bags and headed out of the classroom. I had made up my mind not to follow them. First, I had no idea where they were going, and I already had plans with Matthew later in the day. I felt I should let them do their own business.
Few seconds after leaving the classroom, Sarah returned and beckoned on me. I got up, and followed them to our normal meeting point, The gatehouse. I stood aloof as Hannah and Sarah changed clothes. “Ain’t you going with us? ” Hannah asked, “No, I have plans with Matthew later” I replied
“Who is talking about Matthew? Some of my friends just returned from Canada, they are taking us out. we’ll just keep them company that’s all.” Sarah cuts in, obviously trying to persuade me
I thought about it for a while, it didn’t sound like a bad offer, since it’s just to keep company of Sarah’s friend, but I wasn’t very comfortable with it. After the events of the other day, I had decided to be more discreet. I had a really bad feeling about the whole trip, but I had to give in to Sarah‘s persuasion. She really wanted me to go, and I couldn’t let a friend down, not after all She had done for me.
I dashed to the classroom to get my bag, my get-away clothes were in there. I returned almost immediately, holding on to my school bag. Hannah and Sarah were already fully dressed.
I quickly changed into my new attire, it was a pink top with a mini skirt that barely covered my knees. It has become my favourite dress style because Matthew said it looks good on me, and I always love to please him no matter what. I sat down to allow Hannah make me up, while Sarah went outside to receive a call.
“They are waiting outside please hurry ” Sarah announced, as she rushed inside to pick up her purse. Hannah applied the make up hurriedly, without paying attention to details as she would usually do. We grabbed our hand bags, handed the gate man his usual fees and walked out of the school. Just outside the school fence, a car parked beside the road. It had no plate number, it was obviously new. I had never seen that brand of car before. Who ever owned this must be very rich I said to myself.
Sarah led us towards the parked car. The rear door opened as we approached. A lavishly dressed young man, probably in his mid twenties alighted and held the door open for us. I wasn’t expecting to see guys at all because Sarah explained we were keeping company of her friend who I misunderstood for “Ladies Friend”. Sarah galloped towards him and threw herself at him in a hug. He held her closely to himself and kissed her lips. Hannah greeted him, and extended a hand to him. He took Hannah’s hand in his and kissed the back of her palm. I was a little disgusted by the entire public display, I merely greeted him without going close. I opened the front door and took my seat beside the driver.
Sarah and Hannah sat at the back. There were three boys seated inside the car, the driver beside me and two others behind. They all looked over dressed and irresponsible, while trying to speak in a foreign accent. Sarah introduced the three boys. There was Folorunsho the driver, Ayo the guy Sarah hugged and the rather quiet looking Samuel seated alongside Ayo at the back.
As we embarked on our journey I would steal occasional glances at the rear view mirror, to observe what was happening behind. Sarah and Ayo were kissing lustfully, while Hannah was struggling to get Samuel to keep his hands off her. It seemed she too was uncomfortable with the boys.
Folorunsho tried to engage me in small talk as he drove along. My short and pointed responses killed almost all his attempts. He would turn side ways from time to time to steal a glance at me, and lick his lips afterwards. I almost felt like slapping him real hard cos I was boiling deep within myself at such an irritable act. My phone beeped, it was a message from Matthew.
“Baby, can I pick you up during break? Want us to hang out with some friends” I felt a little regret as I read the message over and over again. If I hadn’t listened to Sarah, I would have had a lot of time to spend with the man I love, I thought to myself.

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