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The Story Of My Life (Episode 33)

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Episode 33

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About three minutes later, Hannah emerged from the side of the building, and hurried straight to the car. She opened the door to my seat, pulling me slightly out of the car. “Matthew bye bye,” she said, waving hurriedly at Matthew. He started the engines and drove away. I took a careful look at Hannah. She did not look like had slept at all. She was putting on a pair of trousers and a t-shirt, with a small bag tied around her hips. The perfume from her cloths and the make up on her face clearly painted the picture of someone who had been outdoors, probably partying.
“Let’s go, be quiet please” she said, as we tip-toed towards the side of the fence. She stood on her toes and stretched across to observe the compound. “Follow me” she ordered, as she climbed over the fence into the compound. I followed her lead, and we were both inside the compound. The house was fairly big, probably a three bedroom flat. It had the design of a church, with several doors at the side. We tiptoed to a door at the side of the house. Hannah searched through her bag and brought out a key to open the door. As soon as we were in, she closed the door gently, and put the key back into her bag. She flicked a switch, and a light bulb came on. We tip-toed into a bedroom close to the entrance and made our way in. Hannah collapsed on the bed instantly. She must have been exhausted. It was almost 5 a.m. I crawled up beside her on the bed and laid still. There was no way I could sleep, I had no idea what I was doing here, I just had to co-operate and see where their plan was leading to.
The six o’clock alarm buzzed, and Hannah sprang up from her bed. She tapped me lightly probably to wake me up. “If anybody asks, we both slept in this room” she said, pulling her ear with her hands. I nodded in agreement, like the naive little girl I was. The plan had gradually began to make sense to me. “Wait I’m coming”, she said as she walked gently out of her room. I laid back on the bed, just staring at the ceiling. It would be much easier for my parents to swallow me if I told them I slept in Hannah’s house as compared to them knowing I slept at Matthew’s house. It made more sense to me.
Elsewhere, I could hear slight argument between two people. One voice was Hannah’s, I couldn’t quite figure out whose voice the other was. I sat up too and tried to listen to their conversation, but I got nothing. Moments later the door to the room flew open. Hannah entered, followed closely by her elder sister. “Good morning ma” I stood up immediately to greet.
“Morning, hope you slept well” she responded. I simply nodded my head in answer. “Sorry for what happened, it’s not easy to have such parents, I hope you can talk things over with them if they let you in” she said in a friendly tone, parting my back slightly. I had no idea what Hannah had told her, but what ever it was I’m glad she bought it. Hannah motioned me to the bathroom, I took a shower hurriedly and dressed up. I put on Hannah’s cloths. I couldn’t walk in day light with the cloths I came with. She offered me some money, and saw me off to the gate. I waited patiently for about fifteen minutes, before flagging down a taxi heading towards my house. I could feel my heart beating fast this time around as we approached my house. I kept wondering what the reception will be like. I had no idea what had happened the previous night after my “prison break”.

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