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The Story Of My Life (Episode 32)

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Episode 32

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I tucked my phone under the pillow, as I would have done in my own room. Matthew joined me on the bed, putting on a pair of shorts. He laid beside me, and I rested my head on his bare chest, as we both slept off.
I had no idea how long I had slept, but tiny kisses on my face and a hand moving through my body woke me up. Matthew was up, and his actions showed exactly what he wanted. I willfully obliged. I had no idea how long it lasted, but few minutes after he was through, a thought hit me. He was not using a protection! For the remaining part of the night, while Matthew fell asleep, I remained awake. My mind hovered around a lot of things.
Did anyone miss me at home? How‘ll I be received when I get back? Were‘ll I tell them I passed the night? I knew for certain I couldn’t tell anyone I had slept with Matthew, the thought of me sleeping in a boy’s house would make my parents freak out. Even Matthew will not be free from the complicated situation that will surely follow. Silently, I prayed that Sarah’s plan works out. My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts. I picked it up, it was Hannah. I looked at the wall clock to ascertain the time before answering. “Better start coming now” she said, in a hush tone. “Its still dark, it’s just 4 a.m” I protested, stealing another glance at the wall clock.
“Better come now that everyone is asleep” she replied and ended the call. I never fully understood what the plan was, but from Hannah’s voice, I knew I had to hurry. I tapped Matthew, lightly to wake him up. “Hannah said we should start coming” I whispered to him. “This early?” He replied, trying to reach for the light switch. We got up slowly and prepared to leave. I took off the cloths Matthew had given, and wore the cloths I left home with. Matthew grabbed his keys and we made our way outside towards the car.
The compound was much quiet now, everyone was asleep. Most of the lights were switched off, making the entire compound dark. I sort of preferred it this way. We entered the car and Matthew drove off, towards Hannah’s house. Much like the hostel, the city was very quiet and devoid of human activities too, but the street lights kept the roads and surroundings bright.
A few meters away, we could see a group of people, clothed in black carrying touch lights. It was a police checkpoint. As soon as the officers caught sight of the car, they planted themselves in the middle of the road and ordered Matthew to pull over. He parked conveniently at the side of the road, awaiting the policemen. The sight of the policemen brought some chills. I became scared as I recognized one of the men approaching. A rather short, funny looking man, He was a friend of my father. I slumped on the seat instantly, staring down with my chin almost touching my chest.
“Where are you coming from and where are you going to at this time of the night” one of the officers barked. I paid no attention to their conversation, I was busy trying to hide my face from one of the officers. As they ended their conversation, one of the officers pointed his torch at my face. I faced the opposite direction, and put my hands across my face to protect my eyes from the blinding rays of the light. “Hey let me see your face” the officer ordered. I turned around slowly, without removing my hand from my face. I put the other hand across my chest. I was putting on a loose singlet, and some private part of my body were exposed. I was slightly embarrassed, and feared being recognized at the same time. “So na ashawo you carry” the officer commented, before ordering us to proceed. “Why was that man looking at you”? Matthew asked.
That very question sent cold shivers down my spine. I could only hope he did not recognize me. Few minutes later, we arrived at Hannah’s house. The compound was quiet, and well lighted, and surrounded by a low fence that made it visible. I called Hannah to let her know that we were outside. Matthew and I sat patiently inside the car, just in front of the gate, anticipating her arrival.
What happened next will shock you!


The Story Of My Life (Complete Episode 1 – 47)

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