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The Story Of My Life (Episode 29)

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Episode 29

Complement of the season greetings from All Naija Entertainment. Read here

This was the beginning of my problem. I scrolled hurriedly through my contacts, searching for someone to call. I dialed Sarah’s number first. She answered at once. I carefully explained the situation to her. She was as empathetic as I expected, but she couldn’t let me stay at her house. Her parents wouldn’t allow it. I called Hannah next. We could barely hear each other. The sound of loud music in the background was enough evidence that she was no where close to her house. I walked about aimlessly for a while, feeling bitter and sad. I couldn’t just lie down anywhere, I was scared. I sat at the foot of a mango tree, watching passers-by, and thinking about my predicament. Everyone seemed so happy in my family, everyone but me. My parents had no love for me, they put me in a prison all my life, and now they want to humiliate me. I hated my parents, I thought they were the worst ever. I had run away from home, but I have nowhere to run to. The sky began to change small flashes of lightning began to appear in the sky. It was going to rain, and I was outside on the streets. It was then the foolishness of running away hit me. I had no where else to go, I had to conceal myself from the rain. So I decided to go home.
I got up, and slowly walked back towards my house. The battering may continue, but I couldn’t stay outdoors at night. On my way back, my phone rang. The ring tone was special. I need not look at the screen to know it was Matthew. His call turned out to be the only silver lining in my dark cloud of misery. I touched the answer button, and answered with the meekest voice possible. “Where are you? Sarah just told me what happened” he asked, almost sounding worried. I explained everything I could, as well as my decision to go back to the house. “No don’t go, I’m coming to pick you” he replied, and ended the call giving me no room to refuse. I walked back, and sat on the tree, anticipating his arrival. It took quite a while, but he arrived finally.
As soon as he parked, he hurried out of the car, and ran towards me. He pulled me up to my feet, and hugged me so tight. I was weak and exhausted, hungry and tired. He led me slowly to the car, opened the door and let me in. I felt a measure of peace and comfort once again, as he zoomed of into the dark cold night. My parents constantly warned me to stay away from boys. They’ll go to any length to monitor and control me. If only they knew that their action had led me into the hands on a boy, on a cold dark night. Only God knows what will happen over-night at his place.

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