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The Story Of My Life (Episode 26)

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Episode 26

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I didn’t feel anything anymore, all that remained was slight regret. The whole episode did not seem right to me. His hug barely made any difference. Slowly I dressed myself up, and attempted to stand up. It was time to go home. As I stood up, I felt a Sharp pain down below, it made my walking steps awkward. I just prayed it stops before I get home. I managed to walk up to the door, which he held open for me. As we walked towards the car, I tried to walk as normally as possible despite the pain. I did not want to give the silly boys any impression. It obviously didn’t work though, as their jeering and senseless talk continued. As we drove away, I kept silent. A lot of thoughts filtered through my mind. What would change after today? Will my mum ever find out? Have I made a mistake? Only time will tell. The silence from Matthew was equally deafening. He seemed indifferent about my feelings. Few blocks away from my house, I told him to pull over. I did not want any one around my neighbourhood to see me inside the car with a boy. “Is anything the matter”? Matthew asked in a calm voice. “I just don’t want to be seen coming out of your car” I answered.
“No not that, you seem tensed”
” I’m scared, I feel a little different. What if some one finds out”, I said almost shedding tears. He grabbed hold of my hands and pulled me closer to himself. “Ruth, I mean every word I said to you. I‘ll always love you”
His words infused me with some courage. I felt much relieve. Perhaps they were the words I needed to hear. “Learn to stand up to your parents, you are not a kid anymore” he said in a cold voice, letting go of me. I reached out and kissed his lips, before stepping out of the car, to make my way home.
The walk home was very uncomfortable, I felt a lot of pain in between my tights. My whole body ached, but I had to put on a bold face. My heart pounded as I approached the gate to my house.


The angry figure on my mum greeted me as soon as I opened the gate. She stood there as if she had been waiting for me.
“Where are you coming from young lady?” She asked, sounding really angry “From lectures” “Shut up, your lectures ended since 3:30” she cut in
I was shocked at her response. I have been caught, and its only the first day. But how on earth did my mum find out that I closed earlier? I wondered with my mouth wide open. “Go to your room and wait for me” she ordered.
As I walked into the house, my mum took a thorough objective look at me, frisking me with her eyes. She must have noticed that I wasn’t walking properly.
I got to my room, took off my uniform, and emptied my school bag. I needed to take a bath.
My room door flew open suddenly. There was my mum again, with a pair of sterile gloves in her hand.

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