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The Story Of My Life (Episode 25)

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Episode 25

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I finished my meal hurriedly, Matthew still wasn’t back from the chemist. I laid back on the bed, and started typing on my phone again. I pinged Hannah and Sarah again, to find out where they were. This time, it took a while to get any response. I guess they were really busy. A reply came in after five minutes. It was from Sarah.. “We are at 5 Star Hotel”
I have heard a lot about that hotel, it was one of the busiest and most expensive in the city. It had everything, from royal suites to Jacuzzi. If Sarah and Hannah were there, then a ‘big fish’ must be involved. “Who are you with”? I inquired “One senator like that” ….from Sarah
It was at this point in my life I realised the sort of people Sarah and Hannah were. My friends were cheap slots, they sell their body for money. I detested their kind of life, but I have covertly become like them. I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t like them, afterall I wasn’t selling my body for money, I was in love.
The sound of the door-knob turning interrupted my thoughts. Matthew had returned from the chemist, he carried a weird smile on his face. He locked the door, and sat right next to me on the bed. We began a conversation about our childhood and parents. I told him how my parents had prevented me from having any kind of fun. He seemed very understanding, and as usual was full of encouraging words.
Matthew turned towards me, and began his usual charade of words with his soft appealing baritone voice. “Ruth, you know how much I love and cherish you. I’m willing to do anything for you. I’ll show you more love than your parents ever will”.
His words had the usual effect on me. I could feel that flutter in my tommy again. I made no attempt to resist as his lips touched mine. All the muscles in my body relaxed under his touch, I felt so weak and vulnerable and I eventually let myself loose for him. Someone I thought loves me the most in this world. I can’t tell how long it lasted, but I was glad it was over. The pain was rather excruciating. I sat up on the bed, and looked in between my laps. I noticed trickles of blood flowing. It was then it dawned on me, I had lost my virginity, my pride, my all. A new feeling of sadness and regret overwhelmed me. I suddenly wished I hadn’t, I had loosed something which I can never regain back forever. I looked towards Matthew, he was busy putting his clothes back on looking rather indifferent. His eyes caught my gaze, he must have noticed the apprehension on my face, as he moved closer and hugged me, but this time around the hug had no effect on me. I never felt anything within my tommy like I always did then when our body was in contact. This looks strange! What have I just gotten myself into?

The Story Of My Life (Complete Episode 1 – 47)

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