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The Story Of My Life (Episode 24)

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Episode 24

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The car previously packed behind us overtook, and sped off. Sarah and Hannah waved me from the back seat as they drove out of sight. Where they were heading to, I had no idea. I didn’t know where I was going either, but I was so convinced I would have fun. The engines started and we drove off. “You must be starved, should we get something to eat?” Matthew asked as he slowed down to take a left turn into a street leading to a restaurant within the neighbourhood. I nodded in agreement. We drove a little further, and Matthew pulled up in front of the restaurant. “Wait here let me get us something to eat.” He alighted and walked inside. I slumped into the seat and started playing with my phone. I pinged Sarah and Hannah to find out where they were headed. The replies came in fast. Just like me, both of them had no idea where they were going. They just wanted to have fun, that is what everything was about. I easily excused myself, thinking that I was somehow different from them. I was here because I ‘loved’ Matthew. Well, at least I felt strongly for him and wanted to make him happy. I spotted him coming out of the restaurant with two white customised nylon in his hands. He was walking as fast as his legs could carry. “Good to go, later” I hurriedly texted Hannah.
“Okay, make sure you play safe, I no wan hear story later oh.” She replied almost immediately
I smiled to myself and tuck away the phone, as Matthew joined me in the car. He started the engine, and our journey continued. We entered a surrounding that seemed familiar to me, then I realised we were heading to his hostel. I was neither scared nor worried. I thought I was ready for anything that could happen. Sarah has assured me this is the only way to win a guys heart forever and am not ready to loose him yet.
We arrived at his hostel, the compound was just the way it was when I last visited, only a lot noisier It seems many of the students were back from school. Music from loud speakers played at ridiculously high volume made it impossible for me to hear my own thoughts.
Some of the occupants sat outdoors gisting and playing board games. The stares and gazes I was getting as Matthew and I walked to his room made me really uncomfortable. Some of his friends would call his name out loud and make annoying comments. I just kept a straight face and ignored. I couldn’t wait to get out of sight.
We climbed up the stairs into his room. It wasn’t much different from how I last saw it though it was a little untidy.
I sat down on the side of the bed, anticipating what will happen next. Matthew handed me one of the nylon he was holding. It contained a plate of fried rice and ice cream in a small plastic can. This was exactly what I needed, I was famished already. Matthew headed for the door. “I’m coming, I have to buy something from the chemist down the road,” Matthew said, making his way out of the room.
“Okay, but don’t leave me alone here for long” I replied, wondering what he had to buy at this time. What went wrong before his arrival?

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