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The Story Of My Life (Episode 22)

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Episode 22

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The trip to school was quiet as usual, I and my parents rarely talk. But I had to break this news to my mother this minute
“Mummy, we are starting extra lectures today. ” “And It’s only now you are telling me?” She replied, a little offended.
“Well I forgot earlier” “so when will you close?” “5:30” “I can’t pick you up at that time, you will have to come home yourself”
That was the exact response I had envisaged and prayed for.
“Oh that’s not a problem, I can find my way home” I replied excitedly. My mum must have caught the excitement in my voice, as she warned sternly
“Come straight home after lectures, you should be home by 6 at most.” Those words went in through one ear and out the other. I still wish I had listened to her instruction then.


The morning assembly started with the usual hymns and national anthem before we marched to our classes. Unlike every other day, today will be long and unpredictable. I didn’t quite know how it will turn out for me. I strolled to the principal’s office to check out the timetable for the day.
It was perfect for my plans, I had only one subject, which means I could leave the school by 3:30. That would mean 2 hours with Matthew. As I walked back to the class, I pinged Matthew, to inform him of the time-table. He agreed to pick me up by 3:30. Everything was set. The day went by very fast, I could hardly focus in class. All I had on my mind was meeting Matthew later. I planned something special for him today. At the end of lectures that day, we stayed behind as other students made their way home. The school was rowdy as usual, hundreds of students made their way towards the gate. The car pack was fully occupied by different brands of cars, with parents waiting eagerly for their wards.
It was a little strange for me. I wasn’t hurrying to get my stuff together, I wasn’t rushing out to the car park to meet my mum.
I just sat there in class, looking out the window and enjoying. the freedom I had. I could do anything I wanted, and walk back home without feeling any remorse. This is the time in my life when my parent control began to wane. There was little that could be done to salvage me, my heart has chosen a poor course. As time progressed, the compound began to empty slowly. Most of the students had gone, the car park became empty. Only my classmates were left in the school. Those who brought lunch had started eating, others went out to buy snacks. I had neither. The money my mum gave me that morning was barely enough for my transport. I didn’t think I would need lunch, Matthew would take care of that. All I took was extra clothes. That was all I needed. I was becoming an expert at absconding from school. I spent the lecture break chatting with Matthew, giving him minute by minute update on events around the school.


At 2:30 the bell rang, signifying the commencement of the first lesson. The subject was English. All through the lesson, I sat there fantasising about what my afternoon will look like. The vibration from my phone jolted me back to reality. I rested my head on the table, with my phone beneath the desk to check out who it was. “Baby, I’m around waiting for you.” The message was from Matthew, he was waiting already. I glanced at my watch, it was just five minutes before the lecture ends. I couldn’t wait…

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