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The Story Of My Life (Episode 21)

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Episode 21

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Monday morning came accompanied by its usual excitement and rush, but this one held something different for me. Extra lectures will begin today, ss3 students will stay in school till 5:30pm. It was supposed to help us prepare for our upcoming WAEC and UTME examinations. It would afford us time to cover our syllabus in all subjects. But my friends and I had different plans. It was going to be fun all the way. Over the past week, we have been busy perfecting our plan. Fifteen subjects were taught in ss3, but every student had the liberty of picking only nine. Whenever it was time for a lecture we do not offer, we are allowed to leave the class. The timetable for the extra lesson was arranged in such a way that we would receive three lectures between 2:30pm and 5:30pm. But here is the catch, since we don’t offer all the subjects, there were free periods in between. Sometimes we even have one or two lectures only, leaving us a few free hours before 5:30. My parents won’t be expecting me home till 6pm, so I could be anywhere I wanted to be. The six o’clock alarm brought me back to reality. I have been awake, but a little lost in fantasy. I looked at my door handle, to make sure it was properly locked. As I reached under my pillow for my phone.
I had been in possession of it for a few days now and devised a means of hiding it from everyone in the house. It was always on silent mode, I do not make or receive calls around the house. The important people in my life were on BBM and Whatsapp. I simply locked myself indoors, and chat away.
Whenever anyone knocked, I tuck it back under my pillow before opening the door. I rarely made calls, but when I had to, I move out of sight, a little far away from the house. Recharge cards weren’t a problem, I had Sarah and Matthew to get that done for me, all I had to do was ask. No one knew I had a phone in the house. I grabbed my phone and looked through my Whatsapp and BBM application, there were loads of messages. At times, I wonder how people got my contacts which are mostly males, the males reading this post are in the best place to explain that. I only accept their invite though but never chatted them up or reply their pings. I scrolled to the one from Matthew, and read it in a hurry
“Looking forward to tomorrow, hope we would have fun, don’t forget your promise……love you”
I smiled to myself after reading it, it was sent the previous night. I must have fallen asleep while chatting. “Love you too” I replied, and tuck the phone back under my bed and joined my family for morning devotion.
Again, I was only present in physically, my mind and heart were far removed from the prayers. I had plans today. At the sound of the final Amen, I headed straight for the kitchen to do my chores. The excitement I felt was familiar, it reminded me of the previous Monday. Much like it, I was going to take another big step.
I had promised Matthew I would have sex with him. A decision I never wished for but due to my friendship influence and the genuine love which I thought I’d found in Matthew, I decided to reciprocate his love by accepting his proposal. Although I was still a little bit scared inside, I just wanted to know what it felt like. Sarah had infused a lot of confidence into me. She told me Matthew will never leave me for life for whatever reason if I can release my virginity to him. I can’t imagine loosing my one and only MATTHEW to those tiny-legged ladies.
I took my bath quickly and got dressed for school. I looked through my wardrobe, and picked my favourite blue gown, folded it carefully and tuck it inside my bag along with my phone. I was good to go. My mum was already seated in the car waiting for me. I took my seat next to her, and we headed for my school.

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