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The Story Of My Life (Episode 20)

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Episode 20

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Mr Makanjuola walked away briskly, taking Sarah’s bag along with him. We walked silently into our classroom. Thankfully, there was no teacher in the class. I sat on my seat, with my head on the desk. I was in a panic mode. My father would kill me if he had any idea of what had transpired today. Sarah and Hannah were deeply involved in a discussion at the other end of the classroom. Sarah walked up to my seat, and touched me lightly, interrupting my thoughts.
“You look so tensed Ruth” “Shouldn’t I be? My dad will kill me if Mr Makanjuola reports. I’m finished” I said, almost sobbing. “I’ll handle Mr Makanjuola, he won’t report. I’m going to see him right now, I ‘ll take care of everything” Sarah was one handy friend. I was quite reassured by her words, as she left the classroom. I knew what she was capable of.
The next lesson proceeded as usual. Except for an interruption from the principal, reminding us that we would begin extra lessons the following week.
As soon as the teacher left, Sarah entered with Hannah’s bag firmly rested on her back.
She dropped it on Hannah’s desk and walked up to me. I was quite surprised she got the bag.
“So what happened?” I asked rather excitedly. “Forget about it, that man is a dog, I simply gave him what he wanted” Sarah’s response shocked the daylight out of me. My mouth opened in surprise. Perhaps I had misinterpreted her response, so I asked again plainly. “You mean you did it with him inside his office just now?” “what is your own?” Sarah fired, sounding a little angry. That was when I knew the kind of friends that I’m really involved with. “Or I should have allowed him to tell your parents? I did that because of you, so get over it.” I was perplexed. I wasn’t sure which was more surprising, Ruth’s affair with Mr Makanjuola, or the complete indifference she showed.
I kept staring at her with my eyes and mouth wide open.
My gaze must have embarrassed her a little, as she waved her palm across my face.
“Do you think I’m the only one he has slept with”? Sarah asked defensively, leading my gaze towards our class captain. I shook my head, everyone knew Mr Makanjuola to be a serial womaniser. Rumour had it that he almost Molested our class captain in his office when she went to submit assignments.
Seeing that Sarah was slightly upset, I thanked her for coming to my rescue, and tactfully changed the subject.
“Principal said we would begin extra lectures next week”
“Really? Sarah said excitedly.
“Hope your mother will not be coming to pick you after the lesson?” Sarah asked, eagerly anticipating a response “Probably not” I replied
“Good, because we are so grooving it. There’s this place I‘ll like Matthew to take us to…..”
The closing bell interrupted her mid-way, and we both got up. I transferred all items belonging to me from Hannah’s bag into mine and headed for the car park to meet my mum. I looked around and spotted her Black Mazda. In her usual spot. She was often the first parent to arrive for school-run, hence her spot was always free. I greeted her as I took my seat beside her. She responded, fixing her gaze on my wrist. “That’s an expensive wrist watch, whose own is it?” She asked, focusing all attention on me. “It belongs to Sarah, I forgot to give it back to her” I lied “Okay, better return it now before you spoil it”
I stepped out of the car and carried my school bag along. I walked all the way back to my classroom, in search of Sarah.
She and Hannah were walking towards the gate house when I sighted them. I caught up with them and handed my wrist watch and phone over to her.
“My mum is asking questions ” I said hurriedly. Sarah accepted the items, keeping them safely in her bag. “Don’t forget them at home, see you tomorrow”
I hurried quickly towards the car park to meet my mum.
The rest of the week was uneventful. We were eagerly anticipating the commencement of our lessons the following week.
It would turn out to be the week when the “ good girl ” died.

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