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7 Reasons why you must stop comparing your relationship to others [Must Read]

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As a partner in a relationship, the number one thing you need to accept in order to stop comparing your marriage to others is that your marriage is special, unique, one-of-a-kind and so different from all the marriages around you!

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The fact remains, everyone can never be like each other. Even twins born of the same womb ghat different opinions and characters.


When you and your spouse get together with friends, it might be easy or even natural, to have some of these thoughts:

“Wow! That couple is so affectionate! I wish my husband would smother me in kisses just like….”

“Boy, I really wish my wife could make a killer casserole like….”

“He is totally bragging about how amazing his wife is! I would feel so much more loved if my husband would talk me up like…”

“Her husband always surprises her with special flowers and gifts, I wish my husband was more romantic.”

These thoughts do not and will never build your marriage up! Don’t do it! Don’t even go there!! Once you open the door and start comparing your relationship to others you are only asking for trouble…

Instead of drowning yourself in comparism of your relationship status, kindly follow below steps to make a crazy-amazing happy home for yourself!

1. Focus on the Good

It is important that rather than analyzing others’ relationships, ability to focus on your own marriage and see all the good! remains the secret to life! Sometimes when the negativity starts to seep in, you need to sit down and start writing a list of all the good things your partner does for me and for our family. Often it’s hard to get started, but once you get going you might end up in a puddle of tears and overwhelmed with gratitude. You have to literally make the choice to see all the amazing things that your sweetheart does. We guarantee there are at least a few things you can add to your list. Go make your list right now and see how lucky you are!!.

2. Accept Reality

Truth: Life is full of ups and downs. It’s not a fairy tale where you find your Prince Charming and live happily every after—UNLESS you work at it! Have you heard the expression work smarter, not harder? Well, you’ll find you are much more efficient if you put effort into your marriage where you know it will make the biggest impact.

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What works for one couple doesn’t always work for another couple! Just like each individual is unique, each couple has routines and habits that work for them. Not only that, but you might just be in a different stage of life. It might not be realistic for your spouse to do all the cooking and cleaning, so maybe you both need to pitch in! Or maybe you are at a time in your life where you just can’tafford all the extra flowers and romantic gifts, find another way to express love to each other. Figure out what strengthens your marriage and make your own fairy tale wherein you work toward overcoming the down times with your spouse!

3. Communicate & Compromise

This is an obvious part of marriage. However, it can often be the hardest part. Since each individual thinks so differently, you need to remember to be open and honest with each other in a positive and respectful way. When you talk to your spouse, try to build them up with your words. Tell them what you want and need from your relationship and then truly listen when they relate their needs! Then try to fulfill them, of course. The more you talk, the easier it becomes to understand each other and how you can meet your spouse’s needs.
Pillow Talk is a fun way to open the doors to amazing communication! For some reason your spouse can connect the best when laying in bed, cuddling and talking about life!

As you are communicating, remember to never keep score and even when you are upset or having a disagreement be kind and respectful.

4. Improve YOU

Celebrate your strengths and recognize your weaknesses! Instead of getting bogged down by all the things your spouse is not, be proactive and productive by working on something you can change—YOU. If you work on making yourself more lovable then your spouse will have an easier time showing you the love that you desire. Hopefully, it will have a domino effect. As your spouse sees you reaching your goals, they’ll likely be motivated to do the same!

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5. Connect More Often

When you connect, you strengthen your marriage. You know this is true! In the dating phase of life, you probably felt connected all the time. It was new, exciting and you were so focused on your future spouse.

Well, hello… keep the focus on your spouse and connect on a regular basis to strengthen your marriage so that you don’t even feel the need to compare your relationship to anyone else’s ever again!


Above are the few tips we have for you in making a nice marriage relationship with your spouse! Work towards it and see yourself making the best happy home ever!

Just have any question or contribution regarding to this topic or any other related issue(s), don’t hesitate to make use of the comment box below. We’ll attend to it immediately. Have a nice day ahead!

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