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7 ways to stop pushing people away from yourself

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Now that you’ve realized you may be the problem, you can actually do something about it. Here’s how to fix things and bring those people back.

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1. Admit that you were a pain

Approach them and just tell them you understand that you were a crappy person. This will be hard and your pride will be a little bruised but just do it.

2. Apologize for any wrongdoings

Come right out and apologize for hurting them and doing wrong things to them. You’d be surprised how much a good apology will do for getting people back. Just say sorry and explain that you’ve learned and will do better.

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3. Work on bettering yourself

The main issue with pushing people away is that it’s a host of other issues. It’s not just that you’re keeping people away from you, it’s that you’re full of toxic energy that oozes onto them. So work on becoming a more positive person – someone people actually want to be around.

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4. Be present and excited to be in other’s lives

Don’t just go hang out with people and then spend all the time on your phone. Be present in their lives. Be excited to talk to them and catch up. Having a friend like that will make them want to stay.

5. Don’t expect them to come back right away

If you’ve messed up and done too much to push them away, they may not want to come back. Just continue to show them you’ve changed and you’re a better friend and person now.

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But ultimately, it’s their choice. Don’t ever expect someone to return just because you want them to. Remember to focus on your life and making things better for you and you’ll see them want to come back if they really care about you.

As you can now see, pushing people away is easy when you’re in a bad place mentally. Work on bettering yourself so more people want to stay in your life and be happy about it.

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