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7 hidden secrets why Nigeria Upcoming Artists will never grow famous

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Have you ever wondered why most Nigerian upcoming musicians never make it in the industry? Despite the fact that they have the required material(talent) to grow big?
Is it because they are not talented?

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“Upcoming Artist” from the keywords it possess simply means an “apprentice” willing to take over “position” of getting know or becoming a “star” from his/her “successor” as a “musician” or “artist” in the Music Industry.

Following the definition, of course, everyone’s desire is to grow large and get famous as an upcoming artist. But, having it here in Nigeria, competitions for Upcoming Artist(growing artist) is much compared to already made artist(risen artist) sector. This therefore makes it survival of the fittest through any means you can use, which “Wisdom” and “deep-thinking” remains the utmost steps one can take in achieving one’s desired dream as an “Upcoming Artist”. Many “Upcoming Artists” today still felt “MONEY” is the only thing that can make them grow instantly, but money isn’t everything.
Today, ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT presents you 7 Hidden Secrets Why Nigeria Upcoming Artists Will Never Grow Big/Blow(as commonly used). Enjoy!!!

Below are some reasons why upcoming musicians in Nigeria never become famous:

1. Pride

Pride remains the number one determinant factor of how a precarious music artist will elevate in his musical career.
Yet it is evident that this habit is popular among upcoming heads in Nigeria.
They always give an exaggerated expression of their financial status through flamboyant dressing on social media.
This false lifestyle eventually alienates them from help.

2. Lack Mass Outreaching Skills

Most Upcoming Artists forgets easily that nothing comes cheap in Nigeria.
To become famous, you have to advertise yourself aggressively in the highly competitive music industry and the internet is a very vital tool.
Advertising your tracks on good music websites, for example, where ardent music lovers are always at alert to download songs and share with their friends. Unlike using Bluetooth, flash-share, xender and the rest and means of sharing music.
Sharing your song links on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter gives you a chance of being noticed.

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3. They Patronise Cheap Producers

You need not to sing like Michael Jackson before you become famous.
And, the impact of good production cannot be overemphasized.
Most upcoming artistes are fond of patronising shady producers who produce low quality contents at a cheaper rate.

4. Use Of Widespread Instrumentals

Most well known producers in the industry, including: Young John, Dj Coublon, Ekelly, Masterkraft, Kezyklef, Killertunes dish out dope beats free of charge online.
However, most upcoming musicians do not make use of this initiative, instead, they resort to over used instrumentals.

5. Lacks Creativity

What makes a potential artist standout is creativity and uniqueness.
Yet, many upcoming artistes fail to get to the peak of their dreams because of lack of creativity.

6. Immature Lyrics & Chorus

Good lyrics and punch lines is all you need to at least gain some recognition, especially as an upcoming head.
When you listen to the songs of many upcoming artistes in Nigeria however, you will keep wondering if the songs were composed in the space of 2 minutes, garnished with uncoordinated lyrics.
Some will sing a chorus repeatedly for about 4 minutes after which a short verse will follow and that is it. Sickening!

7. Imitating the style of others

To succeed in life, you have to do something others are not doing, or what they have never done.
Rapper Olamide has is ownstyle in the industry.
Lil Kesh is also a good example when it comes to style. You have to fake something to get there, dont be a copy cat
Mr Eazi stepped into the Nigerian music industry with his own self made character that most producers and musicians are emulating his methods.
Every artiste should have his own style which becomes ultimately their brand, so why copy their style as a leverage to also get to your limelight??
Create your own style!!

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