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Herdsmen Saga: Fulanis secret plan to acquire peoples land in Nigeria

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Biggest problem with Nigeria and Nigerians is that when events that could help us tell our children about tomorrow is taking place; everyone will be busy pursuing shadows without taking records. This is the main reason why we keep giving birth to indigenous strangers as children, because they hardly know their left and right.

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Reading what President Muhammadu Buhari told Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom about accommodating Fulani Herdsmen as their fellow countrymen, it’s sound irritating. Glancing through wha Ortom said is Buhari’s definition of Cattle Colonies, one ought to know as an Igbo man because common sense demands that South East should never be part of such evil agenda.

When you take a look at the largest states in Nigeria by landmass, you will discover that there is no space for such. To demand something close to 10,000 hectares of land from 5 states that only Niger state is far bigger than is acrimonious.

The following table presents a listing of Nigeria‘s 36 states ranked in order of their land mass.

Rank State km²
1 Niger State 76,363
2 Borno State 70,898
3 Taraba State 54,473
4 Kaduna State 46,053
5 Bauchi State 45,837
6 Yobe State 45,502
7 Zamfara State 39,762
8 Adamawa State 36,917
9 Kwara State 36,825
10 Kebbi State 36,800
11 Benue State 34,059
12 Plateau State 30,913
13 Kogi State 29,833
14 Oyo State 28,454
15 Nasarawa State 27,117
16 Sokoto State 25,973
17 Katsina State 24,192
18 Jigawa State 23,154
19 Cross River State 20,156
20 Kano State 20,131
21 Gombe State 18,768
22 Edo State 17,802
23 Delta State 17,698
24 Ogun State 16,762
25 Ondo State 15,500
26 Rivers State 11,077
27 Bayelsa State 10,773
28 Osun State 9,251
Federal Capital Territory 7,315
29 Enugu State 7,161
30 Akwa Ibom State 7,081
31 Ekiti State 6,353
32 Abia State 6,320
33 Ebonyi State 5,670
34 Imo State 5,530 km
35 Anambra State 4,844
36 Lagos State 3,345

Using 2006 census, the following table presents a listing of Nigeria‘s 36 states ranked in order of their population.


Rank State Population
1 Kano State 9,401,288
2 Lagos State 9,013,534
3 Kaduna State 6,066,562
4 Katsina State 5,792,578
5 Oyo State 5,591,589
6 Rivers State 5,185,400
7 Bauchi State 4,676,465
8 Jigawa State 4,348,649
9 Benue State 4,219,244
10 Anambra State 4,182,032
11 Borno State 4,151,193
12 Delta State 4,098,391
13 Niger State 3,950,249
14 Imo State 3,934,899
15 Akwa Ibom State 3,920,208
16 Ogun State 3,728,098
17 Sokoto State 3,696,999
18 Ondo State 3,441,024
19 Osun State 3,423,535
20 Kogi State 3,278,487
21 Zamfara State 3,259,846
22 Enugu State 3,257,298
23 Kebbi State 3,238,628
24 Edo State 7,218,332
25 Plateau State 3,178,712
26 Adamawa State 3,168,101
27 Cross River State 2,888,966
28 Abia State 2,833,999
29 Ekiti State 2,384,212
30 Kwara State 2,371,089
31 Gombe State 2,353,879
32 Yobe State 2,321,591
33 Taraba State 2,300,736
34 Ebonyi State 2,173,501
35 Nasarawa State 1,863,275
36 Bayelsa State 1,407,358
Federal Capital Territory 1,405,201

As a reasonable person, take a look at the surface areas of the first 10 states and tell me what you think. All those states are actually cattle rearing Hausa/Fulani dominated areas. Now tell me, are there not enough lands in those states? Take a look at Niger State, check their land mass and check their population and you will see that the space for colonies is there.

Pointing out so many things that happened in 2017 as evidence to my stand that Ndi Igbo should never consider anything called cow or cattle colonies.

When Federal Government and Northern Nigerian elites were cooking up dirty reasons to fight Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, they urge their youths to give Ndi Igbo quit notice. When they did that, they stood by their youths and kept using the media to remind Ndi Igbo that they are up to 15 Million in the north and coupled with those in diaspora that it will be a suicide mission to go back to their small space in the East.

This strategy made some Igbos in the north to begin to question the Biafran dream in a nation that doesn’t have enough land to accommodate her citizens. They even went as far as joining hands with those from the West to tell us about our wealth and population in Lagos. They were saying this with full knowledge that just one big state in the north is bigger than the entire Igbo lands both in south south and south east.

With full knowledge of the population of Ndi Igbo, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora, coupled with their small land mass, is it not wickedness in its highest level to demand that they give away some huge portions of their lands for cattle colonies?

They will complain of issue of difference in seasons like much rain in the South East, South South and Middle Belt, but I wonder why Audu Ogbe’s suggestion of importation of grass cannot be applied in homemade formula here? How do I mean? Now, I suggest they build their colonies in their states and then set a federal government agency who will be coming down to the East, Middle Belt, south south and other high rain density areas to buy and cut grass for their cattle just as they would have done if it were imported.

It is obvious that since 2006 census, the population of Nigeria has increased, but the land remains there. Again, the usage of land in the Northern Nigeria for grazing has not cut across all their dominated territories. They have ever green lands naturally made for grazing. So, let them do it there and now seek alternative by cutting or buying of grass when they lack it in the north from the south.

If Nigeria actually aims for development, open grazing should be a sin. Humans and animals cannot be dragging for lands and roads. I don’t hate their business, but I hate it when private business is applied as a stratagem and jiggery-pokery technique of building Fulani hegemony all over the country.

It is obvious they want to occupy almost all parts of Nigeria. They have tried fighting the people and met resistance and now, they want to use illegalities that were hidden within the Nigerian law to take over other peoples land.

We believe in industrialization. We are commerce oriented. We need more industries and markets. What happened to comparative advantage and specialization in manufacturing business? Let the northerners do the one that they are specialists in within their territories and sell. If they want lands, let them buy it from the owners and not telling them to give. If the owner doesn’t want to sell, you leave them alone. Again, I will be happy if they can stop selling lands to our people who are building industries and mansions in their area. It will help us all.

To this their dreams and aspirations land grabbing and extension of their grandfather’s estate as Ahmadu Bello commanded them all in the name cattle colonies.

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