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10 Bad Ways Some Nigerians Celebrate The Christmas

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It’s Christmas again and a lot of people are still going to get it wrong.

Nigerian comic writer, Tosyne2much has come again drawing the attention of people to the ridiculous and nonsensical ways some Nigerians celebrate Christmas.

Christmas is a very popular holiday celebrated by about two billion people worldwide. It is an ingrained part of modern culture that even people in countries with little or no Christian history or background join to celebrate it in increasing numbers.

Christmas which signifies the birth of our Lord Jesus Christmas is a good time when the believers of Jesus merry to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but now, the underlying reason for celebrating Christmas has turned out to be outlandish, nonsensical, ridiculous and awkward because people have flipped the switch and morphed it into an entirely different game.

In this article, Tosyne2much is going to point out ten ridiculous and nonsensical ways some people celebrate Christmas.

1. Going to the Brothel

Some people are driven by a compulsive need for sex especially during Christmas period. Without it, they are in a perpetual state of depression and frustration without kitty-cat. You see them looking like they have just their relatives because, to them, they have not celebrated Christmas if they don’t go to the brothel to sleep with prostitutes. This is a ridiculous way some people celebrate Christmas and they are happy about it.

2. Smoking Marijuana/ Getting Drunk

Smoking and drinking are very common social activities during Christmas period, particularly when some people are having a good time with friends. There’s always a high demand for alcohol and marijuana during Christmas and you will see every beer palour and hotel filled to the brim with people smoking, shouting, drinking and peeing defecating on their body.

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3. Inviting ladies over for marathon sex

The excitement will even make some guys invite random ladies over for marathon sex as a form of celebrating Christmas. Some go to the length of using sex enhancement drugs such as duro webo, dadudule, buruntashi, pakurumo, osomo and other ridiculous sex boost drinks so that they can last in bed and by the time the lady refuses to show up they buy vaseline and masturbat so as to pleasure their erected joystick.

5. Clubbing

Another ridiculous way some people celebrate Christmas is go to club house, drink, dance and drunk drive back home. They go for entertainment and worldly shows instead of going to church to thank God for yet another opportunity to see another Christmas. You see all sort of atrocities going down from young boys and girls drinking and smoking to openly sexual actions and this makes me realise that the world is has truly come an end.

6. Robbery

Some rob are robbed off their hard earn money just to make sure that they celebrate Christmas with babes in a grand style. Sometimes, police officials even barricade the roads and demand bribe from car owners before they give way. The kind of thunder that will fire these people ehn.

7. Ladies Scam Guys For Money

Christmas period is a good time for materialistic and gold-diggers to use crafty mean to swindle from guys gullible and sex starved guys . This is when some of them that might have neglected you for a very long time will start acting all nice and caring when Christmas is approaching because they want you to take then out and buy them gift.

8. Pastors using crafty means to collect money from members

Fake pastors are usually on the increase during festive period because use threats and false prophesy to demand money to avert the such prophesy from coming to reality. This is usually a time many of them buy exotic cars and build houses from the money they swindle from gullible the members of their church.

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9. Flirting online

This is when some guys go to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hunting for ladies they will get in bed. This is a time some ladies post on their timeline that they need men to take them out for Christmas and they are ready to offer their body as a token of appreciation.

10. Kidnapping

Some kidnappers kidnap other people and demand ransome from their families so that they can get money to celebrate Christmas in a grand style

Merry christmas everyone.

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