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7 things you don’t know about Africa as a continent [MUST READ]

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There is so much about Africa that many don’t know, even some of those who are from and live in Africa.

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Below are the 7 things most people don’t know about Africa.

1. Africa is Home to One of the Oldest Universities in the World

The University of Timbuktu is one of the oldest universities in the world, established in 982 CE. After Timbuktu was occupied in the 1591 Battle of Tondibi, the University went into decline and many of the University’s scholars were killed or exiled.

2. The World’s Biggest Frog is Found in Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon

The world’s biggest frog, also called the Goliath Frog or Conraua Goliath, which can grow up to a foot long and weighs up to 8lb, has a small habitat range in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. The number of this species has dwindled over the years because of habitat destruction and its collection for food and pet trade. The frogs have now been classified as an ‘endangered species’.

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3. Sudan Has More Than 200 Pyramids, Which is Double the Number Found in Egypt

The Nubian pyramids in Sudan were built by the rulers of the ancient KuSh!te kingdom. The pyramids are recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Approximately 255 pyramids were constructed at the three sites in Nubia (Kerma, Napata and Meroe) over a period of some hundred years. The Meroe pyramids, which were part of the Nubian Kingdom of Kush, are believed to be up to 4,600 years old.

4. Africa is the Only Continent to Extend From the Northern Temperate Zone to the Southern Temperate Zone

Africa is considered the world’s hottest continent and the second driest continent after Australia. It is four times the size of Europe, and its straighter shores means it has a shorter overall coastline.

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