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7 reasons why Mark Zuckerberg didn’t meet with Linda Ikeji during his visitation to Nigeria

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It was reported that Mark Zuckerberg came to Nigeria uninformed, that is; he came without disclosing his purpose of coming to anyone except himself and the people he came to meet.

But after his visitation in Nigeria, it was discovered that Linda Ikeji(my girlfriend) on her IG handle posted about his coming, by saying: “Wow! Mark zuckerberg came to Nigeria without informing anyone”. 

ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT therefore compile things that might be the reasons behind Mark Zuckerberg not meeting with Linda Ikeji during his visitation to Nigeria.

Below are the seven reasons why Mark didn’t meet with Linda during his visitation to Nigeria.

1. Mark Zuckerberg is a programmer while Linda Ikeji is a blogger.

As you all know, Mark from his infancy was a programmer, he grew up developing it and that’s what led to Facebook passion.

While on the other hand, Sister Linda(my girlfriend) is a blogger whom out of passion too became a blogger and with God helping she ended up becoming popular with it.

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Therefore indirectly, this might be the reason the two didn’t meet cos the two professions ain’t in line/same.

2. Linda Ikeji might develop sexual affection for Mark Zuckerberg.

Ehm!… Female will always be female. Linda Ikeji(my girlfriend) as we all know is a female and she’s still single despite her age stats anything can took place. She might end up rapping bro. Mark by seducing him.

3. Mark Zuckerberg and Linda Ikeji doesn’t have any meeting arrangement.

Bro. Mark mission to Nigeria wasn’t to come and meet sister Linda(my girlfriend). Since this isn’t the main motive behind coming to Nigeria, then their meeting didn’t commence.

4. Mark Zuckerberg came for a purpose.

A king doesn’t visit the people he rules without having a purpose. Mark visitation to Nigeria was on a purpose which wasn’t disclosed anyway. Since he came for a purpose, meeting with sister became abortive.

5. Mark Zuckerberg may be a shy type.

As you all know, some guys are natural shy, as in shy in nature, not because they can’t talk or afraid anything, but simply because they posses shyness as a character their human relation with females always prompt them weird. Mark might be the shy type, and this might be the reason why he didn’t meet with sister Linda(My Girlfriend) during his visitation to Nigeria.

6. Mark Zuckerberg may not know Linda Ikeji.

A king in another place is equally a slave in another town. Linda(my girlfriend) being blogging queen doesn’t warrant recognition from Mark. Bro. Mark might not know anything about Linda(my girlfriend). This might be the reason behind him not meeting with sister Linda(my girlfriend).

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7. God made it to be so.

Above all, God is the utmost that knows all. A popular quote stated that; “Man propose, God dispose”. God is the utmost as mentioned earlier, He knows and owns everything, He decides things He want without anyone’s consultancy. God didn’t arrange Mark meeting with Linda(my girlfriend).

CREDIT: Okoro Daniel O.

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