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Departure of ST Benedict Catholic Church priest got the youths bursted into tears in Edo State [Photos]

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Rev. Father God’stime Irabor of ST Benedict Catholic Church department got the youths bursted into tears in Edo State

“It happened unexpectedly when the current Priest of ST. BENEDICT CATHOLIC CHURCH, Rev Father God’stime Irabor announced his departure from the land of IDDO II OKPELLA.

” The Priest was reported to be on transfer to another parish where he will continue his missionary journey.

“The transfer of the Priest was reported to be a great shock to the members Church and the youths especially.

“It was also reported that the youths of the Church gathered themselves, if any thing could be done to lease the Priest, by visiting the authority of the Church. But all efforts to make an appeal couldn’t avail, which then got them moody and sad.

“After all efforts making an appeal to lease the priest to stay with them couldn’t avail from the Church authority. The youths then summon courage find out from the priest what prone the earlier departure of the Priest

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The priest being filled with wisdom and gave them words of wisdom as he tends to understands their feelings about his departure, apart from consoling them, he also told them that: “missionary journey is always like that, yet a little while you see me, yet a little while you’ll not”

The priest also referred the youths to the holy scripture, where he sighted Jesus Christ, the disciples and also Apostle Paul as a great example of the incident.

“After which when he had consoled and edified the youths with these words, being the last words of wisdom they’ll hear from him till whenever they’ll meet again, the youths then bursted into tears and were left with mourning hearts.

” The priest was also said to be a good ambassador of Christ, and he has tactics in gaining souls for Christ.


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