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BETTER NIGERIA: Awesome solutions to abandoned Nigeria’s situations

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While trashing on this topical issue,I realize the concept embedded in it which has to be discuss and process.

Budget on its own. ”According to advance learner dictionary,budget is an official statement by government of a country’s income and all internal generation of revenue angle,and how it will be spend.

 Budget is used to eliminate and correct errors of economy facet and all the sectors of life.

Now in Nigeria,Nigeria budget for year 2017,is to correct the pitfalls of the past,while this thing must be done: DIVERSIFICATION OF NIGERIA ECONOMY

What does this really mean?

Diversification of Nigeria economy implies that,the highest ruler of the country(i.e the President should lay emphasis on the shifting of attention to all other resources of Nigeria so as to generate mass income)

While practicing this, there will be positive change in the income of Nigeria economy, through agriculture and tourism, focusing mainly on the petroleum can still result to the falling into the former pit.

In a seminar organized by the BGL Limited in conjuction with MTN Communication technology in Lagos On January, The former vice president,Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, gave an advice to the present Leaders of the country that; they “should practice agriculture, and all other resources”.

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Planning is the process through which something is planned or worked on.

Now in Nigeria,the best the best thing to do is to properly plan the budget,so as to avoid the pitfall which has happened in the past.

If the Nigeria budget is properly planed,there won’t be absurd in the nation,there won’t be any reason for disasters in the nation.

And while planning,there should be “PRE-TEST” Which means DRAFT. the Nigeria budget should be accurately draft so as to avoid MISPLACEMENT,Because If missing THE REMEDIES ARE COSTLY.


“Implementation according to advance learner dictionary,implementation is the process of making things Active”

For Nigeria budget to be active,this is the work of the Leaders.

Instance,The custom services are to be inform to clear the cargoes and other beneficiary goods the customers are bringing in. The petroleum which was the only resources that generate income for the country has now turned upside down,the fuel we are buying at the rate of #85 has now increased to #145 per liters,which is unbearable.You can now see the pitfalls of Nigeria budget,it is advisable that Nigeria budget should be implemented.

Monitoring is another vital point of development and growth of the country

Nigeria budget must be properly monitor because if not,it will be like an exercise that will later end up in have a positive result at the end of the day,the budget must be properly monitored.

Monitoring itself”According to advance learner dictionary monitoring is refers to as proper conduct”

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To have a proper conduct of budget,the committee or panel must be setup,and to be taken from each Geo-political zone,they will stand in position of president adviser that will monitor the budget and put correction to the budget if necessary.

The HEAD must be neutral and probably the SECRETARY, While doing this,the Nigeria budget will not be alter

In conclusion,the unbearable increase of custom services,budget alteration,Jerked up pump price of petroleum, Boko haram saga(insurgence), Kidnapping here and there, Insecurity of lives and property would become the things of the past, if our budget is properly and accurately monitored.


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